In September, the Health Department of Ecuador approved Samento as a medicine. Physicians are now prescribing Samento
for their patients.

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Prevalent on 6 continents

Lyme disease, known as Borreliosis in much of the world, is prevalent on 6 continents and recognized as an epidemic in many countries. Pentacyclic Alkaloid Chemotype Uncaria tomentosa has been available to the public in Bulgaria, where a high incidence of Lyme disease exists, since January 2001. Within 2 months it became the most widely sold natural medicine in that country. Dr. Atanas Tzonkov, director of Bulgaria’s largest private medical clinic, has treated thousands of patients with Samento. He reports that it has been used successfully to treat over 100 conditions. A possible theory is that most of these conditions were actually misdiagnosed Lyme disease or Lyme disease was a component of the illnesses that the patient was suffering from.

The following are links to citations of medical and scientific articles from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Library of Medicine (NLM) MEDLINE database. In most cases the number of citations has doubled in the past two years, and in some countries the number has increased four fold.

The following selected search results for Lyme disease, with number of citations, are current as of July 14, 2003:

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