Lyme Borreliosis Treatment Protocol


For health care professionals that evaluate utilizing Kinesiology or EDS


The patient should be tested to determine which of the following combination of products would be most effective:


Quina & Cumanda   or   Quina & Samento  or  Cumanda & Samento


Each product should be taken 2 times a day before meals, preferably breakfast and supper.  Take one product 60 minutes before the meal and the other product 30 minutes before the meal.  Begin with 2 drops per day- 1 drop before one meal and 1 drop before another meal slowly building up to a full dose of 20 drops two times per day (40 drops a day) of each product.


After full dose of each product is achieved begin alternating between the two products every two weeks.   Take one product for 12 ˝ days stopping for 36 hours days then, continue with the second product for 12 ˝ days, stopping for 36 hours.  Continue to alternate the products for at least two to three months. Most patients with chronic, 3rd stage Lyme Disease require four to six months of treatment but never less than two months.


Burbur- Take 8 drops immediately before each meal and at bedtime.  If feeling toxic, the patient should add an additional dosage after each meal. 


Bromelain- Take 5 or 6 tablets / capsules twice daily (400-600 mg) with Samento, Cumanda or Quina.  


Chlorella- Take 3 capsules twice daily with Samento, Cumanda or Quina.


Magnesium Malate- Take 2 to 6 capsules per day with Samento, Cumanda or Quina. Consider reducing the dose if the bowels are too loose.


Water- drink 3 quarts or liters of pure drinking water per day.


Diet- Blood type diet is recommended


All Nutramedix liquid extracts should be taken at least 20 minutes apart from each other.


All Nutramedix liquid extracts should be mixed with 4 ounces (120 ml) of pure drinking water, let sit for at least 60 seconds then drink.


If fungal overgrowth is present use Cumanda at full dose for 2 months before alternating and avoid sugars, fruits, fruit juices and starches

Best sources for products used in the protocol….

Nutramedix, LLC- 800-730-3130 or 561-745-2917 or

For product information see 

Source Naturals - 800-815-2333 or

Nature’s Balance - 800-858-5198 or

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