The Disabling Of A Nation
By Marjorie Tietjen
Director For Lyme Disease Concerns
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation
June 6, 2003

Our Nation is becoming disabled; physically, economically, morally and spiritually. This is not happening by chance or natural evolution. Over the past hundred years or so there has been a concerted effort by the bureaucratic elite, to slowly degrade our country and take it over from within.

Included below are several important quotes.

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one world government combining Super Capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their controlÖ.Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do, I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets.

"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office I must inform the Citizen of his plight." President John F. Kennedy ( 10 days before he was murdered ) Given in a speech at Columbia University.

"Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about Glastnost and Perestroika and Democracy in the coming years. They are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal changes in the Soviet Union other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep." Mikail Gorbachev speaking to the Politburo in the 1980s

In Oct. 1917, we parted with the old world, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, a world of communism. We shall never turn off that road". Mikail Gorbachev

It is extremely interesting to note that the Headquarters for The Gorbachev Foundation is now located at NorthEastern University in Boston. How could this be? For more information concerning this subject see ,

In this article I will focus mainly on the physical deterioration of our population, as that is where I have the most direct experience. I am a chronic Lyme sufferer who was misdiagnosed for 8 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As a result I was not treated with appropriate antibiotics and the disease became deeply embedded in my central nervous system. As with Syphilis ( a close spirochetal cousin of Lyme ), systemic involvement can make this disease very tenacious and difficult to treat. Often, open ended antibiotic treatment is required. Even with persistent antibiotics, one may never be totally cured. H

Supporting your immune system with natural substances and good diet, is also necessary in overcoming Lyme and other chronic illnesses.

Every time we turn around there is a new condition or disease, many times with a readymade corresponding drug or vaccine. If there are no immediately available drugs to ease the symptoms of a "new" disease, you can be assured that the pharmaceutical companies and the vaccine industry are very busy working on the whole process. Many times fear and panic must be created first in order to develop a sure market for these new products. It appears as though this may be the case with West Nile Virus. For more information concerning this "epidemic", I have included the link to a very comprehensive article below
I am not implying that these diseases are not real but I do think , many times, that perhaps the more "innocent" diseases are being emphasized to the hilt, in the media, in order to further specific agendas. Those diseases that are truly disabling our population, such as Lyme, CFS, GWI, Fibromyalgia, M.S, etc, and possibly causing a progressive degenerative process, are being allowed to quietly spread through our population. In the meantime we are being denied curative treatment and are told that many of these diseases are all in our head.

Govt. documents list criteria for an effective biowarfare agent. There are germs that kill and there are ones that disable. When trying to disrupt and take over a country discreetly, it is considered more effective to use disabling agents, especially ones that make it appear as though a patient is malingering. Patients are dismissed as hypochondriacs while the disease is allowed to pass slowly but steadily through the population. In this scenario, people are not dying off left and right with a highly contagious lethal disease, so no one suspects what is really happening and therefore no action is taken to curb the spread of disease. With so many people

Dr. Donald MacArthur, who was in charge of the development and testing of biological weapons for the Pentagon, spoke at a hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations in 1969. MacArthur puts it like this.

" Incapacitating agents are a more recent development and are largely in the R&D phase ( in 1969 ). In fact, the prime emphasis in agent R&D is on developing better incapacitating agents. We are synthesizing new compounds and testing them in animals. I should mention that there is a rule of thumb we use. Before an agent can be classified as an incapacitant, we feel that the mortality should be very low. Therefore, the ratio of the lethal dose to the incapacitating dose has to be very high. Now this is a very technical job. We have some of the top scientists in the country

It is becoming highly suspected that the media scares concerning smallpox, anthrax, West Nile Virus, SARS, etc. are :

1.) being used as a smokescreen to divert our attention away from the more invisible incapacitating epidemics already in our midst.

2.) To create fear and panic for the purpose of marketing drugs and vaccines.

3.) To manipulate the population into accepting loss of liberty in the name of "Homeland Security"

Our attention is definitely being diverted in the case of Gulf War Illness. GWI is real. It is not caused by stress as the government would have us believe. The American people have not been told that over 16,000 Vets have already died. Many children of the GW Veterans have been born deformed. Spouses and children have become ill with the same symptoms of GWI. Even some of the doctors who treated the Vets and their wives, have become ill.

It appears that GWI is spreading through the general population in the form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, M.S. , etc. The symptoms of all these diseases are very similar to GWI. A genetically altered strain of mycoplasma has been isolated from the above patient populations, including GWI.

As I mentioned in a previous article "Living Next Door To Plum Island", the U.S Army funded inventor Shyh-Ching Lo's inventionÖ.. a pathogenic mycoplasma named mycoplasma fermentens incognitus. This is the same pathogen that has been isolated from the blood of patients with the above diseases. This invention was patented in 1993 and the patent number assigned to it is 5,242,820. I will take the opportunity here to quote from part of a paragraph in this patent.

"The mycoplasma fermentens incognitus pathogen is useful for the detection of antibodies in the sera of patients or animals infected with mycoplasma fermentens incognitus. Some of these patients or animals infected with mycoplasma fermentens incognitos, will be patients who have been diagnosed as having AIDS or ARC, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Wegeners Disease, Sarcoidosis, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Kibuchi's Disease, autoimmune diseases such as Collagen Vascular Disease and Lupus and chronic debilitating diseases such as Alszheimer's Disease."

In other words, the Army knows what segments of the population are infected with this pathogen.

Recently, our Lyme disease support group invited a Red Cross pathologist to speak concerning blood screening for Lyme disease and babesiosis ( another "new and emerging" tick borne disease in the Northeast ). He told us that it has been found that babesiosis can be passed on through the blood supply and they do screen donors for this organism. The pathologist told us that they are not sure if the lyme spirochete can be spread through the blood supply but they supposedly do not take blood from those who have a documented active infection. I then asked the pathologist what restrictions were placed on GW Veterans when they came back from the war. He >

Why aren't our health departments and doctors being educated concerning this obviously crucial matter? Why aren't they being told to test and treat for this mycoplasma in the chronic illness population? Antibiotics work and help improve the health of many of these patients.

I was told by a very well respected microbiologist that the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology has even published that antibiotics can be successfully used to treat mycoplasma fermentens infections. Evidently this information is not readily available to the public.

Some may argue that just because this organism is found in many of these chronic illnesses, doesn't mean that it is the main cause. This is a valid point. Mycoplasma fermentens may be just an opportunistic infection or it could cause a co-morbid state. However, I was told by this same microbiologist that this is mainly an academic argument and that no matter what the organism's role is in a specific disease, it is still quite important and must be successfully treated in order for patients with such infections to fully recover.

Why are we experiencing such an intense influx of "emerging diseases" in general? No one seems to question where all these new "conditions" are coming from. Most people just trustingly accept the explanations from the mainstream media such as; global warming, the chopping down of the rainforests, increased air travel, bugs traveling in old tires, or chemicals in the environment. The mainstream media never mentions that, for example, West Nile virus could have escaped from Yale, Plum Island, or Rockefeller University , where the organism that causes WNV

I realize that environmental chemicals, poor diet, etc. do play an important role in our health or should I say lack of health. They can lower our body's immunity and therefore make us more susceptible to disease. In fact, pesticide spraying has been found to actually increase the number of insects with a certain disease and it also makes us more susceptible to the disease itself by lowering the effectiveness of our immune system.. Pesticides increase the incidence of miscarriages,,infertility and hormone disruption. Why then did the mayor of N.Y.C insist on repeatedly spraying certain sections of the city for West Nile Virus?

The U.S.Government has quite a history of experimentation on it's own citizens without their knowledge or consent. There have been several T.V specials documenting these past experiments. Why do people think the experimenting has stopped? Media only covers or admits to sinister events after a certain number of years have passed since the crime was committed. I have a government document called, " Biological Testing Involving Human Subjects". It is hundreds of pages long and lists where these experiments took place, when they took place and what simulants were used.

The Tuskegee Experiment is a very famous example of one of the more controlled government experiments. This was a "study" where black men with syphilis were denied antibiotic treatment to see what would eventually happen to them. Of course they all died prematurely and suffered many horrible side effects.

Borrelia Burgdorferi, the causative spirochete in Lyme disease, behaves in a similar way to the syphilis spirochete. Chronic Lyme patients, like Gulf War Illness patients and Tuskegee Experiment participants, are also being denied appropriate antibiotic treatment. In fact, the lyme literate doctors who are treating these patients, according to their clinical judgement (testing is very inaccurate), are being persecuted and some have had their licenses removed. There are very few doctors who treat chronic lyme and there are even fewer who still accept insurance. 60% of Lyme patients are coinfected with mycoplasmas. Some microbiologists feel that there appears to be something "different" about the lyme spirochete and that this "difference" may

Many are beginning to suspect that the lyme disease epidemic, and the nonsensical controversy over treatment and diagnoses, may possibly be reminiscent of the Tuskegee Experiment, only on a much larger scale.

Korean War Veterans, who had been trained in bacteriological weapons and who specifically worked with a crystalline form of brucellosis, were given an interesting document when they were discharged. It stated that " Veterans with multiple sclerosis developing to a degree of 10% or more disability within 2 years after separation from active service may be presumed to be service connectedÖ.for disability compensation."

Does it sound as though the government may know what causes multiple sclerosis?

Logically, we can presume that whatever biological agents are developed would have to have antidotes, cures or corresponding vaccines. I would like you to think about some of the ramifications involved here. We are not talking about the publicized disease threats such as Anthrax , Smallpox, West Nile Virus or SARS. We are looking at what may be genetically altered organisms that are currently causing untold suffering. Try naming the many chronic and disabling conditions which are plaguing our citizens and then think about how many of these diseases have cures available. I have only noticed symptomatic treatments being offered.

The U.S. CODE, SEC. 50, tells us that it is legal to test biological and chemical substances on unwitting populations. Listed in this document are the many excuses that can be used for the purpose of experimenting on the American public without their knowledge or consent.

Millions of Americans have been used as long term test subjects as a result of the essentially mandatory national vaccine program. How can anyone claim to know the long term consequences of combining one vaccine after another. Can the vaccine companies prove that all the illnesses which plague our nation's children, are not caused by vaccines? 31% of the children in the U.S. suffer from a chronic condition. This is shocking! I don't hear anyone in the media questioning why so many of our children are s

Should we be trusting the health of our children, who are our nation's future, to the whims of the pharmaceutical companies? It is an obvious fact that the sicker people are, the more money these companies will make. It is not easy to prove without a shadow of a doubt, that these vaccines are causing severe health problems down the road. The vaccine manufacturers know this!

I have personally witnessed the deception with the recent Lyme vaccine. The pharmaceutical company that marketed this vaccine, knew ahead of time that 30% of those receiving the vaccine could acquire a form of arthritis for which there is no cure. Somewhere in the fine print, this fact was mentioned. Most people, however, did not have access to this information. In order to try and warn as many people as possible I actually stood outside of a chain grocery store, several times, handing out information that explained the risks of this vaccine. The vaccine was being s"> I know of several people , who received the vaccine and were healthy to start with, that have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, CFS, or arthritis. To them the connection is obviousÖbut how can they ever prove it.

Mycoplasmas are known to be a very common vaccine contaminant.

Monkeys, when injected with mycoplasma fermentens, begin to waste away and die 7 to 9 months later.

The anthrax vaccines given to the Gulf War Veterans, were found to be contaminated with mycoplasma fermentens.

The French soldiers , who did not receive these vaccines, were the only ones that did not come down with Gulf War Syndrome.

The sick Gulf War Veterans filed a lawsuit against Tanox Biosystems of Houston, which produced the anthrax vaccine.

President H. W. Bush was supposedly a major shareholder in Tannox.

What president do we now find promoting anthrax and or smallpox vaccines for everyone?

Why would the government give known disabling vaccines to our military? Is this part of Gorbachev's plan to disarm the Americans? Is he working together with certain factions of our government to accomplish this goal?

Let's assume for a minute that certain government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and the bureaucratic elite are playing a negative role concerning all our emerging conditions and diseases. Who would we then turn to for investigations into these illnesses? Surely not the very institutions who may be responsible for the problem.

Certainly there are many good intelligent people who work for these institutions. It is mainly those at the very top who are privy to all the information. Jobs today are very compartimentalized. This is especially evident within the medical system. How can anyone be expected to see the whole picture when we are taught only to be concerned with our little piece of the puzzle? Therefore, we must take the time to educate ourselves in a broader manner. I've found it very helpful to not dismiss anything but to keep all information in the back of one's mind for future reference. Much of what I used to consider craz

"United we stand, divided we fall". I don't see this to mean that we must blindly follow any leader, no matter what the cost. To me it means resisting the media propaganda which tries to convince us all to be fearful and distrustful of each other. This manipulation is what divides us, if we allow ourselves to believe the lies presented to us. I acquired Senate Report 94-755, which is approx. 1,000 pages. It is entitled COINTELPRO: The FBI's Covert Action Programs Against American Citizens. I want to share several quotes

"COINTELPRO is the FBI acronym for a series of covert action programs directed against domestic groups. In those programs, the bureau went beyond the collection of intelligence to secret action designed to "disrupt" and "neutralize" target groups and individuals."

"In the intervening 15 years, the Bureau conducted a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Ammendment rights of speech and association, on the theory that preventing the growth of dangerous groups and the propagation of dangerous ideas, would protect the national security and deter violence. Many of the techniques used would be intolerable in a democratic society even if all the targets had been involved in violent activity, but COINTELPRO went far beyond that. The unexpressed major premise of the programs was that a law enforcement agency has the duty to do whatever is necessary to combat perceived threats to the existing social and political order.

"From December 1963 until his death, Martin Luther King Jr. was the target of an intensive campaign by the FBI to "neutralize" him as an effective civil rights leader."

Many of the FBI's targets were supporters of peaceful social change such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Inter-University Committee for Debate on Foreign Policy

"Thus, the Bureau's self imposed role as protector of the existing political and social order blurred the line between targeting criminal activity and constitutionally protected acts and advocacy."

Many groups that today perhaps threaten the existing agendas held by the current administration, are being labeled, "hate groups", "extremeists", "terrorists", etc. We are told that we are to be very leary and fearful of all these different groups and that we need more and more "protection" from all these "dangerous" people. More often than not, this "protection" is in the form of more surveillance and loss of rights for everyone.

Modern technology is making it increasingly possible to totally control a society. We must become vigilant. We must begin asking questions and not trustingly believe all we are told.

It is not the good decent people of our nation nor our country's cherished ideals, set forth in the U.S Constitution, that we are questioning here. We are questioning the intentions of a mighty military industrial complex that is growing more and more powerful with every passing day. America needs to wake up before it's too late.

We need to approach this overwhelming array of disturbing situations with firmness , wisdom, and most of all, with an open heart. We musn't react with hate, revenge or fear. Reacting with these emotions will only throw us deeper into the pit of hopelessness.

We can all become informed and then inform others. An informed population is much more difficult to manipulate.

Who are the real terrorists here?

Where does the real axis of evil lie?

Many times the real culprits are those doing the fingerpointing.

The Media is becoming a monopoly, is totally controlled and is being used to create fear and manipulate the American people. If the media was doing it's job, I wouldn't have to be writing this article. The following I feel are very important quotes to contemplate.

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries." David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission in a speech at the meeting of the

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." Theodore Roosevelt in response to Woodrow Wilson's crackdown on dissent following America's entry into World war 1

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell

" They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety." Benjamin Franklin

Don't believe for a minute that questioning our government makes you a traitor or a terrorist. Keeping track of our government and making it answer for it's actions, should be the duty of every patriotic American. Our forefathers repeatedly warned us of what extreme danger there is to freedom when a government becomes too large and powerful.

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