What Chronic Disease Have You Been Labeled With?

Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, November 2003

There is an extraordinary number of citizens being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus,ALS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Alzheimers, BiPolar Depression, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons...and the list goes on. I do not believe that this epidemic of diseases is naturally occurring. More and more disease labels are being invented for conditions that may be variations of only several causes. Each person may present with a slightly different symptom complex according to genetic factors, past bodily insults, or what coinfections one may harbor.. Many independant researchers feel that these so called separate diseases, have common infectious causes.


"Infections are often misdiagnosed or not even sought - and because of this, infections often are either untreated or are inappropriately treated." Prof. G.H. Cassell 37th ICAAC, Toronto,1997 (JAMA 1997; 278:2051- 2052


Dr. Garth Nicolson, President of The Institute for Molecular Medicine, and Joyce Riley of The American Gulf War Veterans Assoc., among others, feel that Gulf War Illness is spreading to the general public and is being divided up into separate disease labels such as those listed above. Many patients with these disease labels are sending their blood to be tested at The Institute for Molecular Medicine and The Bowen Lab, are finding they are infected with mycoplasma and or the Lyme Disease organism. The Bowen Lab specializes in testing for the cyst form of the Lyme organism and for Erlichiosis and Babesiosis (other tickborne infections). Mycoplasma and the cyst form of the Lyme spirochete are being found in much of the chronic illness population. Mycoplasma Fermentens Incognitus, one of the most common strains being isolated, is patented by the U.S. Army and Army pathologist Dr. Lo. Lo,Shyh-Ching-Pathogenic mycoplasma - U.S. Patent 5,242,820 issued Sept.7 1993


"Now if Saddam Hussein had wanted to kill our soldiers, he would have just outright killed them with mustard or cyanide, right?" reasons Captain Joyce Riley. That wasn't the plan," she continues. "The plan was to give a country a disease that they would bring back to their families. What better way to give a country a disease than to give it to the military, who move all over the country.?"


Unfortunately, the amount of media coverage needed to raise enough awareness to start curbing this illness is no where to be found. "You don't hear about this on the evening news," said Captain Riley. "You are not being told about this. Dan Rather doesn't tell you about it, does he? No. And so you think that if it isn't on the nightly news it must not be true, right? If a tree falls in the forest and Dan Rather doesn't cover it, does it still make a noise? Think about it."


It doesn't take too much thinking to realize why the government and press remains hush-hush about Gulf War Illness. If for no other reasons, the U.S. Government, namely the Department of Defense, wants to minimize public awareness regarding this issue, to cover the fact that The United States sold to Iraq, before and during the war, many of the biological and chemical agents that were used against our troops.


Gulf War Illness ( mycoplasma ) is known to be treatable with antibiotics. The Army even published a paper to this effect. Ask yourself, why then is the government preventing Gulf War Veterans from being treated? They are even denying that biologicals play a role in GWI. The Army's mycoplasma patent clearly states that " mycoplasma fermentens incognitus will be found in patients who have been diagnosed as having AIDS or ARC, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Kibuchi's Disease, autoimmune diseases such as Collagen Vascular Disease and Lupus and chronic debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease."


In other words the Army knows what segments of the population are infected with this pathogen and they know antibiotics are an effective treatment. I asked a Red Cross pathologist if the government advised the Red Cross to screen the blood supply for this pathogenic organism. He turned bright red and told me that no, they were not told to screen the blood supply for this organism. What is the real reason why the mycoplasma and lyme epidemics are being covered up? Is there a connection between the lyme spirochete and mycoplasma fermentens? The cyst form of lyme looks like a mycoplasma. There is a possibility that genetic engineering is playing a role here. Parts of one organism can now be isolated and inserted into other organisms. This could be one explanation for so many emerging diseases with such similar sets of symptoms. Designer diseases have come into vogue. This tampering with nature makes diagnoses and treatment much more difficult, which many times is the desired goal, especially for biowarfare purposes. I just want to add that it is legal to test biological and chemical agents on the American public without their knowledge or consent ( U.S. CODE, Sec. 50 ).


I would like to list here just some of the symptoms common to Lyme Disease,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and mycoplasma infection ( Gulf War Illness).


Insomnia, vision changes, headaches, shakes, chills, fevers, numbness, burning, tingling, electric shock feelings, neck pain, muscle and joint pain, jerking and twitching of limbs and muscles, restless leg syndrome, spasms, cramps, fatigue, eye problems, muscle weakness, balance problems, abnormal anxiety and depression, acid reflux, etc. For more extensive lists of symptoms caused by mycoplasma and Lyme disease, please visit.... <http://www.immed.org/signsympt.htm>http://www.immed.org/signsympt.htm , <http://www.lymenet.org/>www.lymenet.org and <http://www.wildernetwork.org/>www.wildernetwork.org


It is very important to note that any one person will not have every single symptom. Everyone's symptoms differ in intensity, the number of symptoms you have and what organ systems are affected. This often determines the diagnoses people end up with. It's crucial to be able to recognize the same general symptom complex which is common to these illnesses. This commonality suggests a similar infectious cause....especially when antibiotics are effective.....especially when identical antibiotics are effective....such as in Lyme and GWI. I've mentioned in previous articles that most of these chronic diseases supposedly have no known definitive tests, causes or cures....only symptomatic treatments. How convienient and profitable!


We must not blindly accept the claims of the huge corporate charity organizations. We are constantly being told that we need to donate more and more money to various charities so they can find causes and cures for all these diseases. If anyone knows of significant causes or cures that have been discovered lately, maybe they could share them with me. I can't seem to think of any. In fact, it appears that many times, what may be true causes for M.S. and other diseases, are being intentionally covered up. If we are going to donate money to these large charity organizations, then we need to be involved. We need to demand that specific organisms be looked at in relation to Multiple Sclerosis and other disease labels. If these organizations do not respond then we need to withdraw our support and encourage others to do the same. We should be supporting private researchers of our choice....but in order to do that responsibly, it would be wise to do a little research on our own so that we can determine which researchers have honest and caring motives. Believe me, they are out there!


Charity organizations bring in millions and millions of dollars each year. Do we know where any of it really goes? Just think about it....keeping people sick can be very lucrative. Some charity organizations have been instrumental in intimidating and or closing down certain private labs which were discovering treatable causes for specific diseases. We must also ask ourselves why so many microbiologists have recently died so mysteriously.


The main message here is that we need to start playing a larger role in our own health care. Investigate and don't believe everything you are told by government health agencies or charity organizations. One of the biggest problems is that many doctors are controlled by corporations and do believe what they are told. How can we expect doctors to treat us effectively when perhaps they have been given the wrong basic information to begin with?


Only a couple of labs currently test for mycoplasma fermentens. Most antibody tests for lyme are very inaccurate. Those labs which are finding these organisms in much of the population, are being harrassed, intimidated and shut down...under false pretenses. Does this sound right to you?


Last but not least, we need to stand up for our veterans. Many are sick and dying. They are being intentionally ignored by our government. Why would a government intentionally weaken their military by forcing vaccines that are known to be experimental and contaminated, selling biologicals to a country that is supposedly a potential enemy, and then not treating the sick veterans when the U.S. Army knows very well what they are infected with. I can only come to the conclusion that our country is being weakened from within and that it is intentional.


I'd like to share a quote by Matt Tietjen from the "Spare Change" newspaper in Boston....."Let us refrain from engaging in the sort of blind patriotism that only romanticizes involvement in the military, encouraging today's youth to enlist and become vulnerable to the same circumstances that have devastated the lives of many veterans. The United States of America is a great country in many ways, and this is because of the sacrifices made by it's citizens for more than two centuries. In this light, the non treatment of Gulf War Veterans is a criminal offense on the part of the government. Unless our previous generations died in vain, we live in a democracy. This makes the government accountable to us; it's not the other way around. We should show our patriotism this year by not only respecting our veteran's service but also their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When these rights are taken away from those who once fought for us, true patriotism can only be excercised with an American flag waving freely in one hand and a protest sign lodged firmly in the other."


Real patriotism requires that we stand up and demand curative treatment for our sick and dying veterans. Anyone can wave a flag and sing a patriotic song.


Gulf War Illness is not a psychiatric disease caused by stress. Does the government really expect us to believe that stress caused all the birth defects in children born to Veterans? Or that stress caused their doctors to become ill from treating Veterans? What about all the family members who also came down with Gulf War Illness? Now it appears to be running rampant through the general population. It's rather sad that we had to reach this state of affairs before standing up for what's right. It's time to take a good look at what going on and change our priorities. Let's hope it's not too late.


For mycoplasma testing - www.immed.org - Also lots of info, in general, concerning how mycoplasma relates to different diseases.


For accurate Lyme Disease testing, I feel that www.bowen.org is a good place to start.


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From Sheryl Jackson



Ms. Tietjen


You brought up some interesting points about the possibility of exposure to the GI's that bring back all kinds of diseases and give it to their families. I have several things I would like to add.


1.) The GM foods that we eat seem to have a real impact on the brain. My family and I are anaphylactically allergic to all of Monsanto's Frankenfoods. We first get amped like diet pills and then the itching in the genitals that can make me hang on to a wall, waiting for the Benadryl, CPA and Claritin to take over. We often have to apply Bactroban topically to help alleviate the itching.


It is known among those of us who suffer severe allergies that most of the first symptoms go unrecognized by the individual and by the doctors who treat them. I even had a doctor tell me that he had NEVER HEARD that soy had severe allergy reactions. I told him that I hope he was not in ER when I needed help from anaphylaxis.


The three molecules that the Monsters of Monsanto spliced into their foods were isolated by a team of Scandinavian Doctors in the year 2000. One is from a pansy plant, one is from a cockroach, and the third is not identifiable. Keep in mind that the EU has the largest DNA database in the world. This third molecule is manmade and neurotoxic.


All of the symptoms that you have mentioned come to us through the foods and medications that we are FORCED to eat. Soya is in everything that is manufactured in this country and EU buys our flour and makes pastas, pastries, etc., and then sells the products back to us. Part of the EU pact requires that herbals, minerals and homeopathic remedies be prescribed by Doctors who have no knowledge or interest in homeopathic medicine, and that the farmers of Europe and the rest of the world buy Monsanto's "Roundup Redi" genetically modified seeds for their crops.


It is my belief that the neurotoxic molecule that is in the food is like the anti-depressant molecule of Prozac. The first clinical trials of Prozac were so horrifying in their results that only in the past two years have I been able to find out, that, of the first one hundred patients using Prozac, 27 of them attempted suicide and murder. Clearly 27% of those who took it were adversely affected. Contrary to the popular "myth" about losing weight on Prozac, only one in 25 will lose weight, the rest will gain weight substantially. Think about the massive weight gain of the American people.


2.) The poisoning of the people is now going on worldwide. AIDS is out of control in Africa, while they are being starved to death, the ignorant and uneducated men of Africa are raping babies and children in an effort to rid themselves of the infection. SOMEONE told them that if they have sex with a virgin, they would be relieved of the disease.


It is now known that the Roundup Redi GM seeds and plants are sterilizing the dirt they grow in of all the natural flora and good bacteria and creating SuperWeeds that require more toxic chemicals than previously banned around the world.


In March of this year, India, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and China returned the GM foods that America so GENEROUSLY donated, stating that the people of those countries would rather starve than be murdered by the FrankenFoods from the Monsters of Monsanto. Africa has been poisoned for years by American Korporations. If you remember the Concert of Bangladesh was to give the people money so they would not eat the tainted donations of milk and food from Nestle, a subsidiary of LanCombe cosmetics and industry.


If you really want to be horrified, go to Wal-Mart or any nursery and read the directions for using the weedkiller Roundup. Read the instuctions about the clothing one should wear just to use it.


3.) Then we have the massive masts being built on schoolgrounds for the cell phones. It is known that EMF's kill. They give children leukemia, and other cancers that were considered anomalous and rare until five years ago. They also give brain tumors and brain cancers to the users of cell phones. Children are being given cell phones by their parents because now new customers are being offered phones for the entire family very inexpensively. Think about the term "radium chip" and microwaves that cook from the inside out. The information is suppressed only here in America.


Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia and most of Europe have refused to allow the microwave masts to be built in residential areas. They have even bombed, and otherwise dismantled them when they have found them. So now they are being disguised as trees, statues, etc.. This while American's are using the New Microwave Weapons against the enemy and our troops in the present Debacle in the Middle East.


4.) In l997, the Funerary Convention, held here is Las Vegas, revealed that people in this country are so filled with preservatives that the average cadaver will last up to ten days with refrigeration without being embalmed. This should have been a wakeup call. Those foods that claim to be enriched, enhanced or modified are neurotoxins to me and my family. We avoid them like the plague they are.


5.)The New World Order agenda is to eliminate the masses and to implement the tenets of Thomas Paine's Common Sense. Mr. Paine died around 1850 having been an ecologist and one who knew that resources needed to be saved for future use.


The first tenet of Thomas Paine is: To sustain a worldwide population of 500 million people. This is a wonderful thought to anyone with COMMON SENSE, but if you think about it, you realize that to attain this lofty and RESPONSIBLE GOAL that 6 billion of us have to die and the sooner the better. The Cadaverous and Filthy Rich who wish to reach this prior to their own demise, must institute a plan that will kill us without too many of us realizing what is going on.


One of Stalin's plans was to create a food that would make men become wymyn. One of the many detrimental aspects of both beer and soy is that men are now developing large mammaries, a secondary female sexual characteristic. So that has happened, of course, Stalin did not live to see it, but a really good idea seems to last for decades, even centuries.


The Ten Commandments of Paine's Common Sense are on forty foot tall slabs of marble in the state of Georgia. They are written in four languages. An anonymous benefactor who claimed to be just an admirer of Thomas Paine, paid 2.4 million dollars to have the work done. My speculation is that the donor was and is Ted Turner. Mr. Turner is faulted with coining the phrase to describe the masses of the world as "useless eaters". If you will recall, when Jane Fonda left him, she had become a BornAgain Fundamentalist Christian. Quite an extreme measure for someone of her financial background. Knowing all of this sure would make me run and get saved just to avoid Cosmic Guilt By Association.(keyword: Georgia Guidestones)


I have several sites I would recommend for the Ploy of Soy.


<http://www.westonaprice.org/soy/soy_alert.html>www.westonaprice.org/soy/soy_alert.html Please note there is an underscore between the second soy and alert, i.e., soy_alert. The two womyn who maintain this site have spoken extensively to America's Kongress in April of 2002, and in May of 2002, Kongress approved the use of soy in school cafeterias. Part of the presentation was the fact that Soya as a neurotoxin was probably behind the 5000% increase of ADHD in children. This site contains the world-wide studies of soy toxicity that have been suppressed in the media.


6.) Leave us not forget that aspartame commonly sold as NutraSweet is now known to cause the Parkinsonian symptoms that Michael J. Fox suffers so dramatically from and Multiple Sclerosis which has risen several thousand percent in the last ten years. Montel Williams tells people that the reason he has MS is because of diet sodas.


7.) And leave us not forget the new wonder "Splenda" which according to AskJeeves.com, a BBC site, contains ten times the allowable amount of arsenic than the FDA allows, however, since Mr. Bush took office, the EPA and FDA have lowered their standards to accomodate the present climate of GENOCIDE that I believe is being perpetrated on the world's population.


Because the American Sleeple are so apathetic, I must believe the molecule of Monsanto's FrankenFoods is similar or identical to the molecule of Prozac and Zoloft. Road rage is out of control in this country, as is depression, insomnia and disease. One of the negative aspects of Prozac and Zoloft is that people start killing themselves or others or have rage reactions, along with AttentionDeficit/HyperActive Disorder in both children and adults. So much so, that now teachers are allowed to force parents to give their children Ritalin or some equally devestating medication to counteract the effects of the GM products that are in all children's foods manufactured in this country.


The names are numerous and most of them do not contain the words soy. Maltodextrine, dextrose, cellulose, xanthan gum, quar gum, guargeenan, miso, sucrose, glucose. All of the above are mixed with soya or soya lecithin because they make things mix well, and not separate after packaging.


The question is not, What kind of God would allow this, the question must remain, what kind of people would allow this to continue to happen.......




None dare call it genocide, but I do. Sheryl Jackson

By Marjorie Tietjen
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation