Samento: The Panacea That Does Exist

The following address was given at the Samento conference on March 22, 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria by Atanas Tzonkov, director of the Lechitel Clinic

           Even before Samento appeared on the market, a lot of evidence had been accumulated regarding the helplessness of conventional medicine on the one hand and the unsuspected therapeutic possibilities of the so-called alternative, natural or complementary treatments on the other hand.

           If I now focus on Samento, that’s because this herb more strongly, clearly and undeniably than any other herb or other non-medicinal remedy shows and proves to have an unusually broad healing scope.

           And even more important, Samento imposes the realization and adoption of new principles, new approaches, new concepts that usher in a new age not only in therapy, but also in medical science as a whole.

           In a sense, some time ahead in the future the historians of medicine will talk about the age BEFORE Samento and the age AFTER Samento. What are the arguments behind such a thesis?

           BEFORE Samento there were powerful non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that only deceived the patient they treated him but actually only relieved his pain, meanwhile irreversibly damaging his stomach, intestines, liver or kidneys…

           BEFORE Samento there were broad-range antibiotics that saved the lives of some seriously ill people but more often along with the germs also destroyed the beneficial gastrointestinal microflora, triggered incurable systemic candidaisis, brought down the immune system, etc.

           BEFORE Samento there was surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy that in the rare cases of healing the sick, defeating the fearful cancer cells and tissues, along with them also destroyed the healthy ones and the patient got rid of the cancer but died from the treatment…

           BEFORE Samento there were potent corticosteroids that defeated successfully not only any persistent and inexplicable to medicine inflammation, but also the most enduring creature on Earth – the human…

           Unlike therapies BEFORE Samento, Samento itself doesn’t try to eliminate some virus or bacterium, nor some disease (that’s also called a nosological unit), but gives the patient energy to fortify and strengthen his own self-healing power that Nature has built into his spirit, mind and body. Samento doesn’t act AGAINST, but contributes FOR.

           For regulating and stabilizing of the psyche and emotions, the nervous system and the hormonal functions. For stimulating and the even more unexplored modulating of the immune system.

           These scarcely studied natural mechanisms of prevention and treatment are largely but not completely investigated and explained by a science called psychoneuroimmunology.

           Samento interacts with the psyche and the mind, as well as with the cells, the tissues and the body. It has been serving human health successfully even before the birth of modern medicine and this is only one of the reasons why many contemporary physicians are avoiding it, frightened by it, renouncing it without even knowing it. Modern medicine has reached incredible depths, but lost sight of the whole. It gained control of the cell, but lost hold of the human. The narrow experts have reached a high peak, but it proved to be a razor’s edge on which the doctor and his patient are balancing between life and death.

           Samento offers something different: a new philosophy of health-generating influence on the human – seen as an integral psychophysical and biological system. This is the view of holistic medicine. The human-patient is not treated as a sick ear and a healthy arm, an infected tooth and a sound heart, but as a whole in which every single part and molecule depends on all the other parts and molecules, and health is the dynamic harmony between organs, systems and cells, and also between mind and body, man and man, man and nature and man and space…

           Samento – this is the chance of achieving that harmony called health, as one integral, complex, natural system – THE HERB – is referred TO, united WITH, applied OVER another integral, complex, natural system – THE HUMAN.

           To those who’ll ask how can a cure-all like this exist when even children know there’s no such thing as panacea, I’ll answer: a panacea does exist, but…

           But there’s one reservation.

           If we use the term panacea in its literal sense – “a cure-all”, - then of course such thing does not exist. But physicians, pharmacists and medical scientists are using it in the sense that there’s no such remedy that successfully cures a large number, for example dozens, of diseases. Scientific medical thought has been ascending to the medical Himalayas for centuries, developing medicines and other remedies against separate bacilli, against specific nosological units, I beg your pardon – diseases, even against particular syndromes…

           What an achievement of scientific medical thought – the syndrome! Sounds almost like phantom…

           So, such and such pharmaceutical chemical cures such and such disease. And so: scores of chemicals against scores of diseases. The ancient philosophers however do not speak about diseases. Disease is an invention of contemporary medicine. Disease is the peak achievement and the self-burial of the so-called medical science.

           And the more medicines it creates, the more diseases it diagnoses, the less healthy people you can meet… Rally healthy!

           The so-called life expectancy is in no way equivalent to healthy and fulfilling life. That’s because too often the benefit of therapy consists in adding years to a person’s life (similar to extending pleasure with the help of sex tools, but worse!), the use of which is however doubtful. Years may be more, but what about their quality? What do insulin injections achieve, what do cortisone inhalators accomplish, what about kidney chemodialysis, organ transplantations… Let’s just stop here!

           Of course – these are achievements. But we know these are regrettable, sometimes even humiliating achievements. And the human, according to the wisest, is thought, speech, laughter and dignity. These achievements underestimate, ignore, crush down human dignity and it’s not an accident that a lot of terminally ill people refuse to be treated by such methods.

           Samento, besides other miracles, also achieves what many are unable to grasp or accept – it keeps, preserves, extends and restores not only health – not any kind of health, - but a dignified health! A health without cutting off pieces of one’s body, without transplanting foreign organs, without poisoning oneself with costly medicines, without treatment that causes other, not less serious diseases, perversely denoted by pharmacists as… side effects.

           Samento has no side effects. Samento neutralizes (or at least minimizes) side effects from radio- and chemotherapy. Samento fights the errors of medicine and society, called drug-caused diseases, allergies or toxins…

           And since people gathered here in this hall – doctors, pharmacists, patients and journalists – would still like to know, by force of habit, what diseases and conditions Samento cures, I’ll tell you – almost any kind, so long is their list… So far it enumerates dozens of diseases. This may astonish only people used to think about sickness and health in a conventional and nonproductive way: one cure for one disease. It’s a centuries-old delusion of theoretical medicine.

           From times immemorial remedies are known that heal dozens of ailments. I’ll only name a few of them, neglected by deniers of the so-called panacea:
speech, i.e. psychotherapy; food, i.e. disease-fighting diet; mumio; massage; acupuncture; royal jelly, which according to Japanese scientists cures 82 diseases. Long is the list of herbal plants that combat dozens of diseases. And why should that be astonishing (it only astonishes the uninformed!), why should that be impossible! The herbal substance is not some kind of chemical compound, synthesized as a result of 15-year-long efforts by scientists and pharmacists! The herb has been shaped by Nature’s elements for millions of years, it contains a still unstudied bouquet of biologically active compounds: enzymes, vitamins, mineral and organic acids, hormone-like substances, alkaloids, glycosides…! Tens, hundreds, thousands of compounds. Some authors argue that the most widely-used herb on Earth – coffee – contains more than 3000 phytochemicals!…

           This is perhaps more than all the drugs in even the biggest conventional drug-store!… The vast healing scope and cure-all nature of Samento is also confirmed by its particular effects on my own patients. I’ll conventionally divide them into three groups.

           IN THE FIRST GROUP, consisting of 33 people, I observed the preventive effect of Samento Maintenance (1 capsule daily) on people at risk for gastrointestinal disorders, influenza and common cold. The participants were randomly selected, from 20 to 70 year-old. Two of them have chronic digestive problems, but did not take medicines during the 30-day period of observation. The first one, diagnosed with colitis, took 1 capsule daily and reported an invigorating effect. The second one suffers from chronic ulcer of the duodenum. He took three Samento Maintenance capsules a day and claims he’s feeling better than any other spring and has achieved a relief of his headache. Only one of the participants has been vaccinated against influenza. Although the observation took place at a time when usually gastrointestinal disorders get activated and there was an influenza outbreak in the capital Sofia, None of the participants in this group suffered any gastrointestinal crises, nor got the flu. One of the patients reported the appearance of muscle and joint pains, runny nose and other symptoms of the cold or flu that he managed to overcome in 1 or 2 days with the help of a 3-capsules-a-day dosage.

           Almost all the participants from this first group note they’ve been feeling more lively, energetic and healthy while taking the herb.

           THE SECOND GROUP included 128 participants, both male and female, with various occupations, age and, most significantly, diagnoses. There’s no way, we still move within the limits of accepted medical terminology. For the brief period comprising only a few days to a few weeks Samento showed positive, although initial, healing effects for dozens of diseases and symptoms: digestive disorders, hypertension, polyneuropathy, headache, rheumatoid polyarthritis, rhinitis, cough, influenza, arthrosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, ovary cancer, colitis, ulcers, herpes zoster, bronchitis, asthma, gastric colics, renal polycystosis, stress, diabetes, breast cancer, constipation, lupus, depression, sinusitis, psoriasis, allergies, cystitis, kidney disorders, hepatitis C, MS

           I shall shortly present just a few of these cases:


           In the peak of the influenza epidemic, I fell in bed. I had fever, cold, dizziness, painful joints and muscles, headache, lack of appetite, kidney pains (because of a previous serious kidney disease), cystitis, my temperature quickly rose to 39oC (102.2) . In such cases treatment lasts for weeks, I have to take antibiotics because of my kidneys.

           This time a miracle happened! I started with 1 capsule of Samento Extra Strength 3 times daily and with Rooibos tea. The next morning my temperature was 37.5oC (99.5) and the second day I had no fever at all. On the third day I returned to work – without pains, without cold, fever, cough and cystitis…

February 15, 2001
Sofia, Bulgaria


           For years my digestion has been out of order: heaviness, flatulence, acids… My blood pressure is 160(180) : 120(110). I control it with drugs. I feel tired all the time. I have polyarthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis, in the morning my fingers are stiff. I have severe headaches too. 13 years ago in the Clinic for professional diseases I was diagnosed with polyneuropathy. 40 days ago I had a horrible infection of herpes zoster – antibiotics, aciclovir, ointments, analgetics … horrible pains.

           Under the guidance of the healer Atanas Tzonkov, I started a treatment of Samento Extra Strength. The first evening I took 1 capsule, the next day – two. And I felt an unusual energy. I could almost fly! This scared me and in the evening I didn’t take the capsule. From the 3rd day on, I take regularly 1 capsule 3 times a day and the effect is unbelievable. By the way, I smoke 2-3 cigarettes daily.

• I haven’t checked my blood pressure yet, but I feel good and I stopped the drugs.
• The fatigue is gone.
• The morning headache disappeared.
• The morning stiffness of the fingers disappeared too, so did the edema.
• The severe pains from the herpes decreased significantly.
• My digestion has normalized as by magic 

And all these before finishing the first box. Now I have started the second one…

M.N., age 66
March 9, 2001
Pleven, Bulgaria


My mother (80) has Pyelonephritis, Thyroid gland nodes, Colitis, Hypertension, and she got the flu…
She started with one capsule Samento Maintenance daily and promptly became lively and energetic. She started taking 3 capsules daily and feels good. 

           My father (87) complained from a pain below the knee, in the muscles and tendons. The doctor finds it difficult to diagnose. After taking 2 Samento Maintenance capsules a day there is no more pain!
Now both of them are taking 3 capsules per day of Samento Maintenance and have no problems.

March 9, 2001
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria


           In the autumn 1999 my husband, 50, underwent a cancer operation of the kidney. A year later he had metastases in the lung. He was treated with radiation and chemotherapy. The next examination stated metastases in the liver. 
Now he takes his third bottle of Samento Extra Strength. His dosage is 1 capsule 3 times a day. Before starting this he had fever 39 C (102.2 F), perspiration, cough and expectorated blood. Since he takes Samento, all this has gone away. 
Now his problem is the liver, the water in the stomach and the low hemoglobin. The conventional medicine gave up this case long ago. Even the chemotherapy. We continue the treatment with Samento Extra Strength and some other supplements.

Iva R.
March 10, 2001 
Gabrovo, Bulgaria


           I have a bunch of diagnoses: severe colitis for 20 years, gastritis with diminished acidity, pyelonephritis, bronchitis for 2 years, malfunction of the thyreoid gland, permanent fatigue, I am in menopause and my blood pressure is low: 100:70 (90:60)…

           I am very content with the Samento . The first 3 days I took 1 capsule Samento Extra Strength daily and felt dizzy… From the 4-th day on, I continued with 3 capsules daily. Before finishing the first bottle, I was literally reborn. As if I have been in darkness and sleeping till now. And now I am starting to see again. I do feel so much energy. I am a normal person again. The results are very good. Only the bronchitis is not influenced yet, but I get better. Can I take this herb for a year? I don’t want to stop it!…

D.S., 50, Pharmacologist
March 12, 2001
Russe, Bulgaria


           My father is 67 and has a brain tumor, proofed with nucleic-magnetic resonance a month ago. He had 3-4 collapses with froth on his mouth. He has a memory disorder too. He was ordered tigretol and depakin for the collapses, but with no effect. His body tingles, he has joint pains, dodecadactylon ulcer and diabetes (maninil), hypertension (which he controls with drugs)…

           After consuming 3 capsules of Samento Extra Strength daily for 6 days, the tingle and the collapses disappeared. He feels more lively and alert. He continues to take it. 

March 11, 2001
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


           He loves sport and medical experiments. But he doesn’t like publicity.
In February he got the flu with all of its symptoms and 39oC (102.2 F) fever. The doctor was not content with the label prescription and took 4 capsules of Samento Extra Strength the first day. By noon on the second day he has no fever or other complaints. To check his condition he undertakes a jogging on the third day. He is still alive.

Dr. R.H., 
March 18, 2001
from a small town near Plovdiv, Bulgaria


           I had an old (4 years) dodecadactylon ulcer. Before starting Samento Extra Strength, the clinical examination showed no ulcer. But I still had pains. In addition, I have rheumatoid arthritis, constipation and headaches. I am in menopause. I was suffering. Since taking Samento Extra Strength one capsule a day, I defecate regularly. Now I am taking the third bottle, but the constipation disappeared with the second one. 
The ulcer still hurts. Not strong, but I feel something strange inside – like tingling, as if a wound heals…

March 18, 2001
Vidin, Bulgaria


           Some years ago I was operated of endometriosis. After that it reappeared again. I developed colitis, then cysts… While taking hormonal drugs the endometriosis is suppressed, then reappears again. Not to mention the side effects of this treatment.

           I decided to try Samento. I started with one Samento Extra Strength capsule daily, now I am taking 3 capsules daily. After 2-3 weeks there is some effect. The colitis has alleviated. I had 3 cysts. Two days ago I was examined with an echograph – one cyst (3 cm) has disappeared …

M.S., 47 
March 18, 2001
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


           For years my mother has arthritis and arthrosis, exostoses in the neck. Recently she had the flu and severe arthritis pains, cough… She started taking 3 capsules per day of Samento Extra Strength. In the middle of the first bottle the joint pains disappeared and – strangely – the cracking in the neck disappeared too!… Now she goes on with the second bottle, taking one capsule twice a day.

           I had the flu too, in spite of being vaccinated with influvac. I had dry cough and herpes zoster. I started taking one capsule 3 times daily of Samento Extra Strength. On the forth day the blisters disappeared and the pains too…Now I continue with the second bottle – 2 capsules daily.

S.P., med. nurse
March 19, 2001 
Varna, Bulgaria


           I am diagnosed with leukemia. The experts prescribe only interferon, but it doesn’t help me.

           After 2 bottles Samento Extra Strength (3 x 1 capsules daily), my feet are warm (they were always cold), the haemoglobin has increased from 9.8 to 11.2, the thrombocytes are in norm…

March 9, 2001
Montana, Bulgaria


           For 2 years I’ve been suffering from hepatitis C. The doctors, not able to help me, demonstrated my case on TV. 
Now I am taking Samento Extra Strength for a week (3 x 1 capsules daily) and I am cheerful, I sing songs and do my work. I feel fine. The thrombocytes were 58, now they are 75, the other blood values which were not influenced by drugs, are normal now.

March 16, 2001
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


My husband is 53. He has testicular cancer with metastases in the liver. He underwent surgery. But the disease doesn’t yield. He is 30 kg overweight, no appetite, perspires plentifully…
He takes some supplements and Samento Extra Strength (3 x 1 capsules daily), the forth bottle now. The pains stopped…We hope.

D.N., Kazanlak
March 17, 2001
Kazanlak, Bulgaria


In 1999 I had my left breast amputated. For one year I’ve been having coxofemoral pains. I was taking traditional Cat’s Claw 500 mg (3 x 2 capsules per day) for 2 months, and now 2 bottles Samento Maintenance (1 X 3 daily).

The pains have stopped, I feel lively, vivid and strong. Two days ago I was examined on scintograph – the doctor told that there is no need to worry…
Now I am taking the third bottle of this incredible herb.

March 17, 2001
Pazardjik, Bulgaria

           IN THE THIRD GROUP I only placed one patient, but he has a bunch of diagnoses, symptoms and syndromes: pharyngitis, IBS, colitis, headaches, epicondylitis, prostate adenoma, insomnia, chronic fatigue, plexitis, polyarthrosis, parodontosis, chlamydiosis, reduced immunity, ear pains, beginning of diabetes type 2, beginning of hypertonia, ischemic heart desease, systemic candidamycosis, breathing and nasopharynx problems, nephrolithiasis, neurodermitis, scalp itching, fibromyalgia, heliosis

In spite of the treatments, prescribed by our eminent physicians and by me, he is still alive. This patient (philologist, 59) is present in this room, but doesn’t want his personality to be revealed.

I want to say, that if one case can be considered as a proof, this patient prooves the safety of Cat’s Claw and Samento. How? I don’t know about any other man, who has taken Cat’s Claw or Samento for so long. He has taken the traditional form of Cat’s Claw:3000 mg capsules 3 times every day – 18,000 mg daily– for 3 years without interruption.

Forty days ago he started taking the Samento Extra Strength, 3 x 1 capsules daily.

Side effects are not found. And the healing effects are more than dozen.

First – the normal cat’s claw, combined with proper diet and other supplements, favourably influenced most of the conditions.

Second – I want to emphasize that only after taking Samento Extra Strength 3 x 1 daily, did the healing process become fast and unusual. What does it mean? I shall cite some of the effects.

The digestion system was normalized after 2 bottles, the IBS disappeared – flatulence, pains, gases, colitis.

The pains in the ears, shoulders, neck, the stiffness, the fatigue due to the arthrosis, the fibromyalgia and other unknown causes are several times reduced. The last 5 months they didn’t yield to any treatment.

The severe chronic headache reduced

The blood pressure is in norm – 130:85 (90)

The complicated and incurable problems with the nasopharynx (six of the most eminent experts in Sofia were helpless) alleviated, the mucosa calmed down, the surplus secretions stopped, the proposed surgery became needless.

The incurable neurodermitis and the scalp itching remained in the past.
The systemic candidomycosis, result from stress and antibiotics, is much suppressed, so is the heliosis.

The impaired immune system is amended and its values are intact again.

The prostate adenoma is soon to be forgotten. The usual problems with urinating disappeared, there is no discomfort during urinating and defecation stopped, the prostate gland size has decreased from 6,6:5,5 to 4,2:3,9.

The chlamydiosis, which was treated 5 years long by all rules of urology, andrology, rheumathology and microbiology but without success, is now under control. All tests of French, Israeli and American firms are negative.

           I will restrain from comments and explanations, from analyzing, hypotheses and theorizing. I think the facts are more convincing by themselves. The future practice of the physicians will confirm or deny the above cases, will undoubtedly discover many new things and, I am sure, will increase the chances for more health for the people.

Atanas Tzonkov,

Herbalist and healer, editor in chief of “Lechitel” weekly

and founder of Lechitel Health Center