The Healing Range of Samento

The following report was presented by Denny Tzonkov at the Samento Conference in London, England, November 30, 2001

The statements and conclusions contained in this report are the result of a 7-year-long therapeutical experience with the common (TOA-containing) Cat’s Claw and a 10-month treatment practice with Samento (TOA-free Cat’s Claw). Although the subject of this conference is the herbal product Samento, I also refer to the common Cat’s Claw because as far as I’m concerned, its use in treating thousands of patients opened the door for the more effective application of Samento and allowed for fruitful comparisons between the two products, for finding the optimal dosage in the treatment with Samento, etc.

One of the biggest problems that arise in the treatment with Samento is the disbelief among doctors and patients that it’s possible to have a remedy with such a broad range of effectiveness as Samento claims to have. This kind of skepticism springs from the outdated and erroneous notions in contemporary medicine with such concepts as “diagnosis”, “disease”, “nosological unit”, as well as the fact that the majority of the conventional physicians are not acquainted with the actual healing mechanisms of herbs that are essentially different from the pharmaceutical medicine, still dominant worldwide. These questions were discussed in more detail in my report at the First International Conference for Samento that took place in Sofia on March 22nd of this year. That’s why I’m not going to repeat them now. The treatment with Samento, its prosperity and recognition in both medical science and the mind of the public will be delayed and seriously impeded until a reform in clinical thinking or, if you prefer, the revolutionary change that already has begun in this field, is carried out. This unique plant species and herbal product – Samento – is offering the best chance for the development of a new kind of medicine in the third millennium – kinder and safer, more effective, more humane, more dignified for Homo sapiens.

Since the time is limited, I won’t enter into the details of the treatment with Samento. Instead I’ll try to give an answer to some of the most pressing questions which are also the most often posed by scientists, doctors and patients alike.

1.        Does Samento treat acute or chronic conditions?

A deeply erroneous notion has been established in medical literature, of non-medical origin, that herbs are appropriate only for milder or chronic conditions and that serious medicine is accomplished with a scalpel and antibiotics, cortisone drugs, etc. Nothing could be more wrong than that and the proofs are countless, but undoubtedly the most impressive is the treatment of the influenza infection with Samento. There are dozens of patients in our therapeutical practice that recover from the flu – not symptomatically but definitively – within 2 days (48 hours). Conventional medicine does not dispose of any such treatment against influenza. Moreover, in our practice there hasn’t been a single patient who hasn’t managed to recover from the flu within 48 hours. In one case a 3-year-old child was cured just in 24 hours. The child’s temperature was 40oC in the morning and after taking one well measured dose of Samento, that is to say in 4 hours, it returned to normal.

2.        Which or how many diseases are cured with Samento?

The answer in this case raises fundamental questions of medical science and our conclusions, which are only based on countless facts, are causing embarrassment and nearly indignation among the medical professionals who still think in the canons of Paracelsius and Hippocrat.

According to modern classification of diseases, our medical practice has listed more than 101 of them that are susceptible to treatment with Samento or influenced to an extent unachievable with any of the remedies of the conventional medicine today.

I’ll mention just a few of the successfully treated conditions: hypertension, influenza (which I already spoke about), rhinitis, hay fever, edemas with various origins, herpes, sinusitis, gastrointestinal problems – ulcers, gastritis, colitis, irritable bowels syndrome, constipation, etc., conjunctivitis, urinary infections (including dysuria - difficulty in urinating), hepatitis C, allergies with different etiology, pharyngitis, rheumatoid polyarthritis, fibromyalgia, ischaemic heart disease, stenocardia, cysts, prostatic adenoma, menstrual cycle irregularities, grave and unsusceptible to other treatments hemorrhages, lung emphysema, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, asthma, involuntary urination, tumors – benign and malignant, endometriosis, chronic fatigue syndrome… The list can be extended further but our trials and observations continue, especially those related to cancer diseases. We have achieved indisputable results in patients in the final stages of different types of cancer (of the uterus, bladder, breast, etc.) – results that proved unattainable with the traditional anticancer therapies: normalization of the tumor markers and the characteristic pathological deviations, restoring of the normal blood values, discontinuing of uncontrolled hemorrhages, removal of the pain that renders unnecessary all the drugs with analgesic properties, etc. All these cases are well illustrated by systematic laboratory and other tests.

The range of diseases, including such until recently considered incurable, which however yield before the potent healing power of Samento, will undoubtedly grow. Diseases are invented by medical minds. In fact Samento doesn’t care about diseases – it cures the person or, even more precisely, helps the human body cure itself. But these again are questions of fundamental medical science.

3.        Does Samento have any side effects?

I personally suppose that some day some might be discovered. But for the time being the treatment of over 2000 patients has proved no such effects. In fact the side effects and the toxicity problem for Samento are related to the product’s dosage. This is a question to be still examined with the best possible precision and a larger number of live subjects. In my experience Samento has been used effectively and without any problems by patients ranging from a 10-month baby to a 92-year-old woman. I count with a documented case of prolonged application of the common Cat’s Claw (18,000 mg daily) for a period of 3 years and then Samento 600 mg (with an average dosage of 3 x 1 capsule daily) in the course of 10 months with three or four 5-day breaks, and the patient is in good shape, without any indications of toxicity. During all these years systematic tests of the liver, blood, etc. have been made.

According to what I have witnessed in my practice, Samento isn’t liable to a unified specifying of the dosage as the patients cannot be subject to unifying – every one of them needs an individual approach, a designation of a complex therapy adequate to the competently diagnosed condition of the patient. Samento can be prescribed as an independent therapy, preferably accompanied by Rooibos tea, and we also may find that it can be  combined with some suitable natural products that increase its fantastic healing effect even more. In some cases it can be used with antibiotics, corticosteroids, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Atanas Tzonkov,

Herbalist and healer, editor in chief of “Lechitel” weekly

 and director of “Lechitel” Health Center,

Sofia, Bulgaria

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