3 Samento case studies from Dr. Maria Mirova

reported at the Samento Conference in Sofia , Bulgaria on March 22, 2001

Samento appeared in our country just a couple of months ago and it is still a forthcoming task to collect information and accumulate expertise in treatment with the herb. However, despite the brief period of time we’ve already observed positive results and received good comments from our patients who used it. Part of these results I’d like to now like to share with you.

The first case I’m going to tell you about is that of an 11-year old girl from the capital Sofia suffering from Astrocytoma (a type of brain tumor originating from the brain cells called Astrocytes). A year and a half after the first operation the child came down with peritonitis and underwent a second operation. After these two grave operations the girl experienced a strong headache, weakness and fatigue. She could not walk and had no appetite. After a 20-day course of treatment with 3 capsules per day of Samento Extra Strength a dramatic change in the child’s condition is observed. She feels vivid and strong. Her appetite increased, the headache disappeared and her condition improved so much that the girl is now able to spend 6 hours a day at school like all the healthy children at her age. The parents and the child believe that the accomplished results are due only and solely to Samento and they consider carrying on the treatment in the future.

Another case where a positive impact of treatment with Samento on a severe disease has been observed is that of a man diagnosed with Schoenlein-Henoch. This is a capillary disease linked to increased capillary fragility and generally affecting all kinds of tissues and organs. The patient experiences severe pain and edema in the area of the ankles and an increased capillary fragility with small hemorrhages on the skin of the shank resembling a rash. These symptoms have never been influenced by the previously conducted drug therapy. After a 3-week treatment with one capsule per day of Samento Extra Strength the edemas and the pain in the legs are disappearing. The capillary lesions still persist but the 20-day treatment period is too short for the affected capillaries to be able to restore. I recommended that the patient keeps taking Samento and we’ll be checking his condition once again in a while.

The third case is that of a woman undergone an operation for breast cancer, radiation therapy and now chemotherapy. Before starting to take Samento she suffered fatigue, constant vomiting and lack of appetite. Her weight lowered to 47 kg, she felt aversion to food and her hair was falling out. The patient is now taking Samento and despite continuing chemotherapy her condition has improved significantly. She has restored her weight which is now 57 kg, her appetite is back, she feels more vivid and energetic. Another positive effect on her is that the symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, sweating, nervousness, tension, etc. have disappeared since she began taking Samento.

Apart from these 3 cases we have many more showing beneficial effect on rheumatoid arthritis, allergy, asthma, menstrual disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, chololithiasis, chronic skin inflammatory diseases, etc.

Dr. Maria Mirova
Lechitel Medical Center
Sofia , Bulgaria