Miraculous Peruvian Herb Cures Emmy-award Winning Singer-Songwriter, Bill Chinnock, of Devastating Chronic Lyme Disease
"Samento gave me my life back," says Emmy award-winning singer/ songwriter Bill Chinnock. After reading Amy Tan's story, I offer mine in the hope that it will help others.

(PRWEB) February 17, 2005 -- My story: After a five year bout with CNS Lyme disease, I am well. I can't believe it! I am sharing my story, because there is hope for those suffering from Lyme disease. I would try Samento not only on Lyme, but on every disease.

Like so many Lyme patients, I was misdiagnosed for ten months. Various doctors said I had Lupus, MS, stress, etc. But by the end of that time, the Lyme bacteria had entrenched itself deep into my body and nervous system. I was 100% disabled with crushing fatigue, burning, body pain, brain fog, and many more symptoms. I saw countless doctors. I was finally referred to Dr. Neils and Dr. Sam Donta MD., a leading lyme specialist, who figured it out. In 10 months time I was sicker than I could believe and trying every antibiotic that medicine had to offer. I was treated intravenously with Zithromax for 18 months, and at the end of it all, I was still incredibly sick and now broke from all the medical expenses. I was not about to give up because I have a family and a six year old that need me.

Seeking some type of cure, my wife and I tried nosodes, etc., and ended up worse than ever in the hospital. I resumed the IV protocol of Zithromax under Dr. Meryl Nass' & Dr Paul Balzer's care for 18 months, with minimal improvement. I tried cholestyramine treatments, and many others without success. We had lost everything but our love and faith. I have met countless Lyme patients suffering like us, many being treated by a medical community that is uninformed and without answers. A global summit of doctors meeting in London believe that Borrelia (Lyme) is a pandemic and 33% of the world has Lyme. The former head of the American Psychiatric Association in a 1996 letter said he suspects 90% of all psychiatric disorders are attributable to Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme bacteria) infection. Dr. Joanne Whitaker at Bowen Lab in Florida has developed a remarkable diagnostic test for Lyme greatly improving the ability to diagnose the disease. With her test, in random testing of 1000 patients suffering with a variety of diseases, all but one were positive for Lyme!

Then six months ago, my doctor discovered an herbal remedy called Samento. It had been producing miraculous results in chronically ill patients suffering with a variety of diseases, including Lyme. Skeptical after five years of failure, I started taking it. I took it in conjunction with a Noni juice extract.

The first three months were hard because as the bacteria die, they release toxins. Due to these toxins, I experienced classic a Herxheimer reaction. After five years of antibiotics we had still not killed the bacteria. Then I began to notice my energy returning. I increased my dosage and at month six, I just finished a week in the studio producing another artist, working from 6AM to 12:PM every day. I have my life back.

After reading Amy Tang's story, I offer mine. I believe that God has provided all the remedies that we need to restore health. We just need to discover them. For me, Samento has been a miracle and a life saver. I share my story in the hope that it will help others. My e-mail address is e-mail protected from spam bots. Samento and Noni extract can be obtained from Nutramedix in Florida. 1-800-730-3130 or www.nutramedix.com <http://www.nutramedix.com>

Bill Chinnock