Miraculous Plant
The birth of Cat‚s Claw without tetracyclic alkaloids
Somos Magazine, El Comercio, Lima, Peru, August 21, 2004

The benefits of cat‚s claw are well known. For centuries it has been used in our jungle as a natural medicine to treat digestive and degenerative (arthritis) illnesses. In the seventies investigators were attracted by the curative properties of this plant. Since that time, it has not stopped surprising everyone worldwide.

A liquid extract of cat‚s claw free of TOA (Tetracyclic Oxindole Alkaloids) has just been introduced to the market. A rare chemotype discovered three years ago in our jungle, that, in contrast to the traditional products, does not contain alkaloids that inhibit its potency and makes it 100% effective in treating more than a hundred illnesses and five types of cancer. According to Luís Romero, President of Humanitas Research Institute, Samento has an effective modulating action of the immune system and in the treatment of degenerative and auto-immune illnesses. It is a gift of nature. For more information: www.samento.com.ec (MCh).