The Optimal Medicine against the So-Called Untreatable Diseases

This paper is not written according to the canons of official medical science because I am convinced these canons now prevent medicine from advancing and people from receiving sound treatment, i.e. reasonable, sparing and effective. My article not only disagrees with accepted conventional principles and practices in medicine it renounces them as increasingly unproductive, absurd, non-scientific and inhumane. My article offers new viewpoints on health and disease, on prevention and treatment. These claims are not based upon theory but upon real facts, and upon the treatment of numerous of patients that encompass more than 100 conditions, including a large number of the so-called "incurable" diseases: multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, influenza, polycystic disease, etc.

The successful treatment of such "incurable" conditions, or rather of such “untreatable” patients, or at least significant improvement of their health conditions, is not fiction, not the result of placebo therapy, not a dream, but an unbiased and documented healing process.

I would not bother you with these general theoretical reflections but unfortunately without them it is impossible to give a clear and understandable account of the extraordinary results I would like to report to you. These results have been documented and were achieved in the treatment of patients with Parkinson's, cancer, asthma, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, chlamydiosis, etc.

It is disappointing that despite repeated questioning, including during the First Samento Conference in 2001, about the medical conceptions or ideas on which my therapeutic successes are based, almost no one (no doctor, no expert, no patient) notes or pursues these ideas but nearly everyone is interested only in what kind of herbs I use and in what dosage. It is good that I am not being asked what antibiotics or corticosteroids I use, because such an approach to disease and treatment is not effective. And I do not wish to discuss the results of such an approach - the sad world statistics of conventional medicine is pretty expressive and disheartening.

The medicine I preach, propose and practice is called OPTIMAL MEDICINE. Without understanding, mastering and practicing this kind of medicine it is impossible to attain or to maintain the therapeutical results I've been recording - they are OPTIMAL! Otherwise with or without Samento, gingko biloba or coenzyme Q-10, success will alternate with failure, hope - with disappointment t full recoveries - with woeful mistakes, initial improvement - with a sudden funeral… And in such cases the patient or his doctor will ponder, not being able to grasp why the patient sometimes improves or even recovers and yet at other times he gets worse or dies.

In summary, the OPTIMAL MEDICINE combines all or almost all the best research by both scientific medicine (especially in the field of diagnostics) and alternative medicine (particularly in the realm of naturopathy: phytotherapy, apitherapy, nutritional therapy, etc.). I also add some personal experience on the PATIENT'S OPTIMAL ANAMNESIS, as well as the OPTIMAL (not practiced anywhere else by physicians, experts or witch doctors!) DIAGNOSING OF THE PATIENT.

It is often said that whoever diagnoses well, treats well. I shall not expound on these words accept to say they hide the first key to the treatment's success.

The second key to health is the OPTIMAL TREATMENT COMPLEX, conformed with the PATIENT'S OPTIMAL INDIVIDUAL CHARACTERISTIC: diagnostic findings (particularly in the blood serum and secretions), body weight, unhealthy habits, previous diseases, professional and family environment, etc.

In my practice as a healer I use only natural remedies: high-quality standardized herbal and other products, licensed by the health authorities of the manufacturing country (USA, Finland, South Africa, Spain), as well as by those in Bulgaria.

Initially, with every patient, I almost always prescribe Samento! In contrast, most doctors, by virtue of tradition, initially prescribe antibiotics, corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, analgesics, etc. Interestingly, between the synthetic medications and Samento there's a certain ground for comparison: the medications are normally accompanied by a long list of side effects and Samento is accompanied by a long list of healing effects: antiviral, antibacterial, immunostimulating and immunomodulatory, antitumor, anaesthetic, haemostatic, antiparasitic, detoxifying, febrifuge, hypotensive, etc. This list is extended continuously.

None of the known herbs or contemporary medications can match the effectiveness of Samento. In several criteria Samento outrivals everything known in therapy: safety, power and speed of action, efficacy and a healing range unseen so far. I already had the opportunity to make my comments on this "amazing healing action of Samento", as described by Prof. Oswald. This healing action is built into the herb's unique biochemical composition. However, I would like to caution and emphasize that every attempt at self-treatment with Samento, since it is so curative and safe, and every effort to apply it in serious health problems without optimal diagnosing of the patient, is ultimately not in the patient's best interest and sometimes this can undeservedly compromise Samento's exceptional reputation.

Here are just a few particular illustrations proving that Samento can both favorably influence the symptoms and eliminate the causes for a huge number of conditions, some of which are known even to date as incurable in official medicine:

1.   R.R., 80, from Sliven, writes: "At the end of 2001 I too, an 80-year-old granny, had a BREAST CANCER surgery. In the first six months I took, as you prescribed, Samento and Rooibos tea every day - morning and evening, and after that, up to now, I take one capsule of Samento with Rooibos every morning. I also use some other products offered by "Lechitel": the Spanish dietary biscuits, Gingkomax… Your magic herbs restored my blood pressure and blood sugar to a normal level, and the Parkinson's I developed a couple of years ago vanished without a trace… Now I feel lively and strong as a 20-year-old. Every morning and afternoon I go out for a walk with my friends, all of them in their 60s and 70s. They tell me I have the gait of a lass, because the knee pains I've had for 20 years disappeared too…"

2.   Ekaterina Atanasova from Varna writes: "I'd like to tell you about my sister who lives in the countryside and developed PARKINSON'S 3 years ago. Initially she was taking Lechitel's products Pycnogenol and Selesan along with the prescription Madopar. Her condition was relieved, her nervous system calmed down, but she remained as stiff as before, had difficulty walking and wasn't even able to cut herself a slice of bread. One of her arms was paralyzed. Two months ago she started taking Samento 120 mg and then proceeded, as you recommended, with Samento 600 mg. Now for a few hours every day my sister walks freely, as if she's never had Parkinson's. She can take a bath all by herself and she can even wash by hand. This is a miracle for us!"

3.   The third case is oncological. The patient, E.L., is 76, a wife of a medicine professor who has developed several renowned medicaments. The woman has been diagnosed with GENITAL CANCER metastasized throughout the body, in terminal stage - with pain and bleeding round-the-clock that could be stopped with none of the remedies offered by the world oncology. The patient was bedridden. At the request of her husband her treatment started on April 15th 2001 with Samento 600 mg. I prescribed the following dosage: 3 x 1 capsule, half an hour before meals with a cup of warm Rooibos.

The first beneficial effects of this treatment came on the sixth day: the pain subsided to such an extent that the patient no longer needed the conventional ineffective and harmful painkillers, and the constant bleeding stopped! She was saved and from that moment on every day of her life was owed to the yet incompletely identified healing powers of the two plants and most of all Samento. Two and a half months later the patient, previously doomed and written off by orthodox medicine, went out for a walk (and made the round of the famous Doctors' garden twice) together with her husband - the professor of classical medicine, the creator of powerful synthetic drugs who believed in the phenomenal power of herbs and was not disappointed.

Unfortunately, the further record keeping of the healing process became impossible due to reasons beyond my control.

4.   The patient S.N. from Shumen suffers from HEPATITIS. The blood tests show extremely high values: ASAT - 850, ALAT - 1980. The more detailed testing found out that the patient suffered from drug-induced hepatitis.

In spite of the desperation and disbelief that anything could help her anymore, while still in hospital the patient started treatment with Samento and Rooibos. In less than a month the extremely high values of the hepatic markers ASAT and ALAT returned to normal. After having used 5 bottles of Samento in total, the patient is continuing to feel well - ninth months later

5.   S.B., 68, is a teacher from Pleven. She suffers - or rather suffered - from BRONCHIAL ASTHMA for 36 years! The diagnosis had been specified at the University Hospital in Pleven and confirmed by the National Laboratory at the Institute of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases in Sofia. The treatment - only symptomatic of course - included nophilin, clemastin, antibiotics, syrups, salbutamol. The patient has a proven allergy to dust mites, bird down and plumage, various perfumes and pollen from herbs and flowers. She was subjected to desensitization from 1969 to 1980. The severe cough subsided but the difficult breathing persisted, as well as the rapid exhaustion. The use of Becloforte and Ventolin inhalers caused dermatitis (rashes and itching).

After a 3-month use of Samento 600 mg in a 2 x 1 dosage with a cup of Rooibos tea half an hour before meals, the difficult inhaling and exhaling disappeared. So did the rashes and the itching caused by the corticosteroidal "treatment". The inhaler and all the previously taken medicines were rendered unnecessary and their use was discontinued. This lasting effect has continue for more than 9 months. The patient’s commented on the results of her treatment with Samento saying, “I’ve been born again!”

6.   J.I., 80, had undergone BREAST CANCER surgery 15 years ago. She contacted me in the spring of 2001 when her medical record listed the following conditions and symptoms: bilateral chronic pyelonephritis, chronic gastroduodenitis, hypertension, insomnia, conjunctivitis, vertigo, allergies, rhinitis, tracheitis, rheumatic pains, parodontitis, itching all over the body, fatty infiltration of the liver… The patient had been treated unsuccessfully with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and all kind of other medicines. Her blood sugar level was slightly elevated, as well as the blood fats. The tumor markers (CA 15-3) varied from 19 to 52 (Nov 4th 2000 - June 28th 2001). The sedimentation rate (SR) was above the norm – from 20 to 60 (between January and October 2002).

I prescribed tests for the detection of Chlamydia and Helicobacter pylori that no one had suggested to her before. The results were: Helicobacter pylori – positive (240), Chlamydia trachomatis – positive (1:512).

After prolonged treatment, mainly with Samento 600 mg by a complex scheme, and several other natural products, the following results were achieved:

First, all disease symptoms faded away.

Second, some of the paraclinical readings move in the upper range but most of the time remain within the norm (glucose, lipids, liver enzymes).

Third, some other indicators like the tumor marker CA 15-3 and SR have still not completely returned to normal.

Fourth, Helicobacter pylori (positive) was reduced from 240 (on May 9th 2001) to 90 (positive) on April 22nd 2002.

Fifth, Chlamydia trachomatis levels were reduced from 1:512 (May 9th 2001) to zero (April 22nd 2002).

Sixth, the rheumatic marker AST was brought down from 1:264 (March 28th 2002) to 1:16 (Oct 30th 2002), which is negative.

Seventh, the patient feels lively, energetic and has no complaints. At her 80 years of age!

It is in cases like these that the advantages of Samento over pharmaceuticals stand out most remarkably. It becomes clear how and why Samento works with scores of diseases, including diseases most contemporary medicaments have proven to be ineffective treating. While doctors are attempting to cure one disease or the other with drugs - one drug against arthritis, others against hypertension, third against cancer, and then adding a fourth and fifth and sixth to get rid of the dermatitis, the drug-induced hepatitis or the ulcerous colitis, caused while trying to cure the patients initial conditions with so many medicines that have so many side effects… Samento doesn't treat diseases, it treats patients!

By applying the optimal diagnostics, in most cases the doctor is able to reach the root cause of the disease, the cause or causes laying beneath the symptoms. This increases the chances not just for treating, but also for curing the patient. Scientific medicine talks about radical, pathogenetic, definitive treatment, i.e. real treatment. Samento doesn't talk about it - it does it. Such treatment can be accomplished by using other herbs, or by other natural remedies. However, it is evident Samento possesses the optimal therapeutical qualities.

Admittedly Samento is more complex and effective than our notion, our estimates or our current knowledge reveals. Each day will provide new arguments supporting this statement-prognosis.

Pay attention - while conventional medicines are designed to eliminate at least one symptom or disease, Samento does not limit itself to just one condition. Again, it is important to emphasize that Samento is most effective when used together with optimal diagnostics and is prescribed in the optimal dosage for each individual case. Samento effectively treats dozens of diseases and symptoms, including the so-called "incurable" diseases. It successfully restores normal blood pressure (lowering the high and raising the low), blood sugar, cholesterol levels, body temperature and sedimentation rate; eliminates viral, bacterial and other infections, strengthens the weakened immune system that in turn completes the overall healing process.

By reporting these incredible and even sensational cases, I don't mean to imply Samento or other natural remedies can cure every cancer patient, but neither will I say that it can't heal a cancer patient. A few more years are needed to obtain the clear, peremptory, indisputable answer to this big question. I'm looking forward to it with optimism.

But for the present we already have an obvious answer to this question: what the herbs can do, what Samento can do, what Optimal medicine can do? Following certain rules and requirements for diagnostics, treatment and behavior, my patients improve subjectively and objectively faster than those treated with conventional medicines. They recover more often than reported by official medicine statistics, and even when they die, they meet their end in calmness, physical and mental comfort, with no pain and sleeplessness, no fear and suffering of whatever nature.

This is what SAMENTO in particular can give to mankind, and this is what OPTIMAL MEDICINE in general can give to the world!


Herbalist and healer,
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and director of “Lechitel” Health Center,
Sofia, Bulgaria

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