Dr. Kaitazki, L., M.D., LECHITEL Medical Center, Sofia, Bulgaria


The remedy SAMENTO has an exceptionally broad spectrum of therapeutic effect  in different types of internal, endocrine, dermatological, neurological, oncological, immunodeficiency and many other diseases.

A clinical study was carried out at LECHITEL Medical Center on 24 patients diagnosed with “Dystonia neurovegetativa”.  All the patients had clinically expressed symptoms of anxiety, depression, and somatic complaints.  The group did not include patients with vegetodystonia or other similar diseases.

The goal of this study was to determine if SAMENTO positively effects functionally proven disturbances to the central nervous systems, to what degree each disturbances was influenced or effected, and finally – to establish the optimal dosage for each disturbance.

SAMENTO was prescribed in a dose of 2 to 4 capsules per  24 hour period, divided into 3 parts,  taking into consideration the of severity and individual characteristics of each case. The complete time of therapy was 60 days.  The events and symptoms were determined by using 4 graded scales.

At the end of this study the following data was established:  Overall, the therapeutic action of SAMENTO was significant.  Approximately 70 % of the patients exhibited or experienced a “very strong effect’; 20% of the patients experienced a “slight improvement”; and 10 % of the patients exhibited “no effect”.  Significant effect or results were seen in patients with hyperhydrosis, tachycardia, collapses, sweating, dizziness and headaches.  However, the best clinical effects or results were obtained in patients with complaints of chronic fatigue; memory disturbances; sleep disorders; depression; sexual dysfunctions, etc.  Each of the 16 patients with the above described complaints experienced a complete elimination of symptoms.

Finally, I have come to the following conclusions:

            -- SAMENTO has a very impressive clinical effect on patients with neuro – vegetodystonic symptoms or patients with “vegetoneurosis”;

            --The best clinical results are seen in neuro – asthenic complaints, such as chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, memory problems, depression and sexual dysfunctions.

            --In clinically mild or less severe cases, this remedy can be prescribed with out psychopharmacological therapy.