Phytochem Anal. 2004 Jan-Feb;15(1):55-64.

Identification and quantification of components in extracts of Uncaria tomentosa by HPLC-ES/MS.

Montoro P, Carbone V, Quiroz Jde D, De Simone F, Pizza C.

Dipartimento di Scienze Farmaceutiche, Facolta di Farmacia, Universita di Salerno, Via Ponte don Melillo, 84084 Fisciano, Italy.

The two main classes of secondary metabolites, alkaloids and quinovic acid glycosides, of Uncaria tomentosa (Willd.) DC. (Rubiaceae), a Peruvian plant commonly known as 'una de gato', have been analysed. Separation of the alkaloidal fraction was achieved using a solid phase extraction method based on cationic exchange, and an analytical method employing HPLC-ES/MS has been developed. Quantitative data for commercial wild bark, cultivated bark and leaves are reported. The analysis of quinovic acid glycosides was performed directly on the crude extract using both a fast analytical method based on flow injection ES/MS, and a more complete analytical technique using HPLC-MS.