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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
November 2, 2004

The Nutramedix Company of Jupiter, Florida has created a novel Noni juice concentrate which is devoid of the unpleasant taste of the fruit. The concentration of 8 liters of Noni fruit into one ounce of fluid concentrate greatly magnifies the therapeutic effect. This results in dramatic cost savings because just one liter of Noni juice can cost as much as $70 USD in some countries. Noni fruit is an incredible healing substance that is quite valuable in treating many medical conditions including pain, hypertension, allergies, skin diseases, diabetes, gout, digestive disorders, infections (Noni is nicknamed Polynesian penicillin), injuries, lung disease, high cholesterol, cancer and drug and nicotine abuse.

Dr. Lee Cowden of Dallas, Texas has observed that 25 drops of Noni concentrate every 30 minutes (5 doses) can eliminate the symptoms associated with the common cold. He also states that the symptoms of acute viral illnesses including influenza can be eliminated with 25 drops of Noni concentrate every 30 minutes for four hours (9 doses). Recently Nutramedix's distributor in Bulgaria conducted a two week study using Noni concentrate to treat the common cold. The clinic in Bulgaria reported, "It works in 2 hours, please send us 10,000 bottles as soon as possible." As we enter the season for influenza epidemics having Noni concentrate in your home could provide prompt recovery and avoidance of the danger of the influenza vaccine.

In this era of man made infections (HIV, Ebola, West Nile virus, Lyme Disease {Borrelia burgdorfi spirochete}, SARS and possibly the dispersion of anthrax) having Noni Concentrate in your home could be life saving. If Noni is capable of killing the viral organisms that cause colds and influenza there is reason to be optimistic that it could cure the above mentioned infectious organisms. I strongly urge everyone to consider keeping Noni concentrate in your medicine cabinet.

Studies should be initiated to see if osteomyelitis and drug resistant tuberculosis would respond to Noni concentrate as both these problems are a major headache for the medical profession. Eighty nine percent of mycobacterium tuberculosis were sensitive to Noni fruit in an old study originating in the Philippine Islands.

Leishmaniasis, which is a serious health problem in the middle east, is also killed by noni fruit. The intestinal parasite ascaris lumbricoides[1] is eradicated by noni fruit.

Drug resistant malarial organisms are a major cause of death throughout the world. The drugs used to treat malaria are toxic and have become less valuable as resistant forms of plasmodia have developed. Damnacanthal, an anthraquinone compound found in noni fruit, is known to kill plasmodium falciparum[2] parasites. An ancient Chinese herbal therapy for malaria may be the most effective agent currently available. In this setting Noni concentrate might turn out to become the best therapy available. Little testing of natural therapies in malaria has been done as most testing is funded by pharmaceutical firms who have no interest in natural products such as Noni because they can not be patented.

As a natural substance Noni concentrate will not cause bacterial resistance and the damage to the bacteria in the intestinal tract that always follows antibiotic therapy. This loss of healthy intestinal bacteria to antibiotic treatment causes injury to the immune system which may explain why women who have received a course of antibiotic therapy have a significantly higher incidence of breast cancer than women not receiving antibiotic therapy. A group of 10,000 women, including 2266 with breast cancer,[3] were followed for 17 years in the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center in Seattle.The women who had taken more than 25 prescriptions for antibiotics had twice the incidence of breast cancer as women who took no antibiotics. Women who took fewer than 25 antibiotic prescriptions during this period had a 50 % greater incidence of breast cancer than the women who had never received antibiotics. This immune system damage from loss of healthy bacteria might produce an inability to kill tumor cells.

I think the development of Noni concentrate will turn out to be a major advance in healing infectious problems and malignancies. Noni concentrate can be obtained from Nutramedix at www.nutramedix.com phone 1-800-730-3130 and from www.naturalhealthteam.com phone 1-800-416-2806

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