The Herb For Our Age
Brian LAMB, phytotherapist,
founder and head of a naturopathic clinic in Scotland

I started using the ordinary TOA-containing Cat’s Claw. The first thing that got me interested is that you should be using it to treat Crohn’s disease. Anyone that has worked with Crohn’s disease knows how difficult it is, you only got steroids. I started to get people better with the TOA-containing Cat’s Claw. I than started to expand my use of the ordinary Cat’s Claw and found that it was very powerful on the immune system. And that let me on to using Cat’s Claw to support the immune system rather than the herb that I have used for many years - Echinacea. Then I heard about this astonishing Samento. And certain herbs that I have used when I started I don’t use at all anymore. They seem to be weak and ineffective. They were very good all these years ago but now we are moving on to with things that are important for this age and I do believe that Samento is that herb for this age. As I started to use Samento on cancer patients I was careful, I made no claims, offered no treatment. People come to me (I am treating several patients right now) in a terminal condition where the doctors said, “We can do no more”, and I have seen some astonishing things happen. I have reason to believe that Samento crosses the blood-brain barrier because I believe that it is antiparasitic on the brain. I have at the moment a 55-year old man who was sent home in a terminal condition with astrocytoma - inoperable brain cancer, and sent home to die. I have been treating the man with Samento and much to everyone’s astonishment his right arm which had no power has almost the same power as his left hand now. He was taking the Samento capsules 2-3 times a day during his radiotherapy and he had no side effects. I gave him one or to other things as well, but I have no doubt that it is the Samento which is doing it. He has his speech come back, he can write the alphabet, he can converse reasonably well, and he walks half an hour a day. A few days ago the doctor came in and said “this is astounding, we don’t know what is happening, whatever herb he is taking, he is taking the right herb. He was a man expected to die”. His seizures are virtually nonexistent, he is putting on weight, and the doctor is saying he can do all his everyday work in the house. He is now down to three capsules Samento a day. So it is quite astonishing.

I have another patient who had bowel cancer who received surgery, chemotherapy and recently was expressing some severe respiratory stress, so bad that she could hardly tell me the problem. Within one day of taking Samento something astonishing happened - I met this woman in the supermarket and had a 10-minute conversation with her, and she said something amazing has happened to her body.

Another case is interesting. I visited a woman the other day who has a secondary bowel cancer. It was a very difficult situation, because there was virtually no movement through the bowels, and within one minute of taking 1 Samento capsule she experienced a very severe pain, which is unlike the other that she has been having.

The last case I had is very interesting indeed only because I believe Samento passes the blood-brain barrier. A man came to see me the other day with motoneuron disease, and we all know how sad that it is. The latest thinking on motoneuron disease is that it is a parasite or virus in the brain. If Samento is antiparasitic, antiviral and if it does cross the blood brain barrier, I may have some very exciting news. In any case I do believe that Samento is an herb for these times. And why do I think it is so much better than this synthetic product that has been developed in Austria? It is simple: the Nutramedix product is the whole plant for the whole man and it has got a whole spectrum of phytochemicals without having things removed that may be vital for the efficacy of the product. So I do support this thought of using this rare Samento in its entirety, absolutely pure and unrefined. So I am very excited about Samento. This is just the beginning, what I am looking forward to is more practitioners taking this into uncharted territory.

I believe there is a very good way of taking Samento and it is to put it on the tongue, because the bitter receptors connected to the liver will have an immediate effect and also these components will go through the mucous membrane of the mouth and prevent them being passed through the liver on the first pass. I give Samento early in the morning and it is better to give it slightly apart from food, and in the evening I give a general herbal tonic. But my instructions are don’t give anything close to Samento, I don’t know why, but it seems to be the case. I wouldn’t suggest to use Samento with vitamins, because it does not want to be interfered with. Babies can be given very small amounts, milligram doses, maybe 1-2 drops of a 1:1 extract, so they get maybe 1/40 of the gram (25 mg). There is another strange thing I noticed with children who take Cat’s Claw, which is intensely bitter: they actually get to anticipate taking it, as if their bodies are realizing that there is something quite remarkable in this herb.

Samento must be seen as a healing totality, and that is what makes it so exciting for me - it hasn’t been interfered with, hasn’t been standardized or extracted. I have treated viral infections, respiratory infections and I much prefer Samento to Echinacea, because I believe this is the herb for now, it’s passed the Echinacea and it is a total system herb. And especially now with the worldwide fear of the immune system being breached from all sorts of things, it would be very wise to take Samento as a preventative. I think it would be a tremendous policy for health.