Samento Case Reports

Lechitel Clinic- Sofia, Bulgaria

Interesting cases of patients with Helicobacter pillory, Toxoplasmosis, Parkinson’s, tinnitus, cancer, treated with Samento

Samento International Conference- Brighton, England, September 9-10, 2004

1. Lambliasis. Since the unique Samento producer, one of the most honored benefactors of the health yearning mankind – Mr. Tim Eaton – will ask again how many are already the diagnoses, successfully treated with Samento, I haste to answer: “I no longer know! After the 107th, I don’t count them anymore, but we may add one more – Lambliasis.

It is especially widespread in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It is “treated” only with antibiotics, so the harms for the sick turn two – the sickness plus the antibiotic.

Samento copes with this therapeutic problem for only about a month.

2. Cancer. I shall only tell about a few cases.
First case. The young man B.Sh., 22, has testicular cancer. He was operated and underwent chemotherapy, which was interrupted after the third treatment, because felt very sick. There were found great number of metastasis in the lungs.

The patient started treatment with natural products, mainly with Samento, and after 5 months the scanner test found no metastasis neither in the lungs, nor elsewhere. The man gained weight and leads a normal life. He takes 1 capsule of Samento 600 mg as a supporting daily dose.

Second case. The former pilot Tz.B, 80, with diagnosis prostate cancer, proved in several clinics of repute. The operation has not the expected result. The methodically treatment with Samento for 4 months reduced the tumor marker from 135 to 1.75. The patient feels marvelous.

Third case. The sick G.G. is 38, mother of two, with diagnosed breast cancer. The oncologists insist for immediate operation. While waiting for the date of the operation, the patient undertook an active treatment with a set of natural products and Samento. The tumor marker continued to grow. The surgeon found something extraordinary for such cases: the tumor was closely capsulated. The patient preceded taking Samento during the chemotherapy and 1 year later.

Two years after the operation by now, she feels in wonderful health.
Certainly, it would be ideal to test the healing power of Samento on cancer patients, but without interference of surgeons, without chemo-, haemo- and hormonal therapy. Even without other healthy foods or herbs. This is quite realizable project, but it can be fulfilled only with cooperation of oncologists. For the present the oncologists refuse to be interested in the fate of dying oncological patients.

3. Helicobacteriosis. Most of the contemporary physicians don’t even suspect the existence of such diagnosis. And it affects between 30 and 70 percent of world’s population. This is a “real diagnosis” and not pseudo diagnosis such as gastritis or hypertension for example. And this diagnosis – Helicobacteriosis (if you prefer bacterial infection) can lead to gastritis and hypertension, and to cancer, and to dozens of other “untreatable diseases” or “diagnosis”. With the Optimal medicine (optimal diagnosing plus optimal treatment) such fatal of behalf of the patient mistake can’t be allowed!

The patient H.U., with gastroscopic and serologically in two laboratories proved diagnosis of Helicobacter infection, had been treated at a leading hospital in Sofia with tree antibiotic courses, including helicocyn! Of course, unsuccessful.

After 3 months I started treating the patient with Samento 120 mg 1 capsule a day with a cup of Rooibos tea, half an hour before meal.

After 40 days, the test showed that the infection is entirely eliminated. The patient was in best mood and said that beside of these bacteria (with help from only 30 capsules Samento), she was cured of hey fever too and her hypertension dropped from 170:110 to 120:80!
Many infected with Helicobacter are cured after only several months’ treatment with different doses Samento 600: 3x1, 2x2 or 3x2 capsules daily.

Another patient, 75 years old, managed to get rid of her Helicobacter infection only after 18 months treatment with Samento 600 dosed 2 capsules 3 times daily.

A significant part of the patients infected with Helicobacter pylori , by unknown reasons, cannot get rid of the disease with Samento.

4. Toxoplasmosis. A couple of months ago I was convinced that this is the one and only disease, which Samento cannot cope with. My observations spread out on 10 cases. The method of optimal diagnosing helped me to specify this infection in patients with different diagnoses, who have been treated prolonged and without success. None was tested for toxoplasmosis before.

Although most of the infected people are not influenced by Samento, even after several months’ treatment with 2 capsules 3 times daily, two of my patients said good-bye to the toxoplasmosis after only 2 months treatment.

I still have no answer why the majority of the infected with toxoplasmosis don’t get cured with Samento. This is a very important problem, because first, the infection is wide spread. For example, 95% of cat owners in France are infected. Second – I think that doctors underestimate the harm of this disease and are even inclined not to consider it. Third – the treatment, applied by the official medicine, is with antibiotics. That is to say proven harmful, and whether successful, any of us can easily get information about.

5. A bunch of diseases. In fact, a sickness in plain form is not often diagnosed, especially in patients of advanced age. This gives Samento the opportunity to demonstrate its whole healing power, its amazing broadness of therapeutic effect. May be exactly through these patients with “bunch of diseases”, through healing these complicated cases, where the orthodox medicine is inherently helpless, the successful treatment with Samento proves something very important. It proves that the diagnoses are not thousands in number, but much, much less. It proves that many diseases have the same root, the same cause, since they are cured with the same herb. It proves that these are not independent, separate diagnoses with precise differentiation, but most of them are just symptoms caused from one factor.

For instance Borelia burgdorferi can cause sickness, which the uneducated doctor diagnoses falsely as: rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, hypotonia, irritable colon… and what not else. Whereas the exact diagnosis is Lyme disease, Bb infection. After Samento restores the patient’s immune system, his own immune system copes with the infection, and we report that the patient has recovered from 6 or 16 diseases, or that Samento cures 6 or 16 or more diseases…
My patient R.P. is 82.

Before starting Samento, she had 5 proven diagnoses, which had been treated unsuccessfully 3 to 15 years. But they disappeared permanently after 3-years treatment with Samento. Now my former patient doesn’t suffer anymore from:

1. Tinnitus (buzzing in the ears)
2. Elevated blood glucose
3. Hypertension
4. Flues
5. Parkinson’s disease

Her hands don’t shake anymore, she doesn’t need walking stick, she feels younger and is willing to demonstrate her restored health before any curious or skeptic doctor, journalist, health administrator.

Another patient of mine, J.I., had 13 diagnoses. She was taking a lot of drugs, but she called on me, because she felt unwell. This was 4 years ago. By optimal diagnosing I corrected the diagnostic delusions of her doctors, and with a complex natural medicine program I managed to restore more than 90% of her health.

Among her diagnoses was hypertension, insomnia, chronic pyelonephritis, gastroduodenitis, conjunctivitis, Meniere’s syndrome, allergies, arthritis, paradontosis, breast cancer, chlamydiosis…

The Bulgarian P.M. from Vienna (Austria), informed me about the results of 10-month’s treatment with Samento 600 – 1 capsule with a cup of Rooibos tea morning and evening:

1. My ulcer has closed, I have no pains or burning at all, even when I indulge in more fatty or savored dishes.
2. My hypertension dropped and for a long time – without exception – is in normal limits.
3. I have no palpitation anymore – even during greater physical effort.
4. The pains in the joints and muscles are gone.
5. During that period I made 3 complete blood tests, including liver values. At the last test absolutely all results were in norm.
6. The nightmarish insomnia and headaches are in the past.
7. The steady feeling of discomfort has vanished.
8. And last, but not least – I don’t need Maka anymore. That is to say, the Great Samento makes unnecessary both the risky Viagra and the safe Maka, when it comes to sex-stimulation.
And so on, and so on.

Of course, all subtle, fine, complex mechanism, by which Samento affects the sick organism and recovers the health, remain a secret, a riddle, a mystery. May be after 50-100-200 years the united efforts of biologists, pharmacologists, chemists, physicists, physiologists, biochemists, mathematicians, computer geniuses and what not other experts, will manage to decipher these secrets, to study trough this bioreactor. This task seems to me more fascinating, more current, and more pressing at this moment even than decoding the human genome or the theories of the origin of light.

The healing range of Samento is much wider than we know, than we presume, than we can dream.

Editor in chief of Lechitel weekly and
Director of Lechitel Health Center