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Wm. Lee Cowden, MD

Wm. Lee Cowden, MD

PRAGUE 1 - Reversal Of Chronic Lyme Borreliosis With New Natural Therapies
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PRAGUE 3 - Reversal Of Many Acute & Chronic Conditions With
New Natural Therapies
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Biochemistry of Lyme Disease: Borrelia burgdorferi Spirochete/Cyst
Prof. Robert W. Bradford and Henry W. Allen, The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, February-March 2006

Chronic Lyme Disease debate: Common ailment or false hope?
Bill Radford, The Gazette, Colorado Springs , February 2006

US Government Admits Lyme Disease Is A Bioweapon
Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach, Florida, USA, January 2006

Insurers Hit on Lyme Disease
Bridget Scrimenti, The Sun, Lowell, Massachusetts, October 2005

Two Limestone women get reprieve from ALS diagnosis
Athens News-Courier, Athens, Alabama, USA, July 2005

Curing Lyme Disease with Samento
James Howenstine, MD, News With Views, April 2005

Lyme disease: A Look Beyond Antibiotics
Explore Magazine- Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, Volume 14, No. 2, April 2005
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Rebecca Wells, battling Lyme disease, translates her
illness in 'Ya-Ya Sisterhood' sequel

Associated Press, March 2005

Miraculous Peruvian Herb Cures Emmy-award Winning Singer-Songwriter,
Bill Chinnock, of Devastating Chronic Lyme Disease

PRWEB, February 2005

Lyme disease: It’s Evolving And The Clock Is Ticking
What Medicine? Magazine, Lymington,  England, February 2005

Lyme Disease, Potential Plague of the 21st century- Detection Problems Resolved By Imaging With The Bradford Variable Projection High Resolution Microscope
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, January 2005

Is Gulf War Syndrome actually chronic Lyme disease?
Medical Hypotheses, Vol. 64, Issue 4, January 2005

Chronic Lyme borreliosis at the root of multiple sclerosis
- is a cure with antibiotics attainable?

Medical Hypotheses, Vol. 64, Issue 3, January 2005

Borrelia burgdorferi persists in the brain in chronic lyme neuroborreliosis
and may be associated with Alzheimer disease

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, December 2004

The New Great Impostor
David Williams, MD, Alternatives Newsletter, December 2004

New Remedy for an ancient enemy- Lyme Disease
What Medicine? Magazine, Lymington, England, November 2004

Detecting Lyme Disease: Video report
KXAN TV, Austin, Texas, USA, September, 2004

Lyme disease (mother suffers from Lyme disease for 25 years- 24 year old daughter born with disease and on disability),
Visalia Times-Delta, Visalia California, July 2004

Samento: New Remedy For An Ancient Enemy – Lyme Disease
Vitamin Research News, Vol. 18 # 6, July 2004

New Ideas About the Cause, Spread and Therapy of Lyme Disease:
author suggests that the bacteria originates from a biological warfare
research laboratory in New York,
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, July 2004

What Makes Lyme Disease Tick & How Samento Eliminates It,
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, July 2004

CDC (Center for Disease Control- U.S.A.) gives Yale $2.9 million
to study Lyme disease,
Associated Press, June 2004

Lyme Disease cases on the rise
The Journal News, Hastings-On-Hudson, New York, June 2004

Lyme Disease On Rise In North Carolina (United States) WRAL,
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, June 2004

Lyme disease mystery targeted
The Times Union, Albany, New York, May 2004

Effective Treatment of Lyme Borreliosis with Pentacyclic Alkaloid
Uncaria tomentosa (TOA-free Cat’s Claw),
Pilot Study executive summary,
Dallas, Texas, May 2004

Lyme disease: Description and Treatment Protocol
Dr. Zenia Richler, DBE, NMD, FAAIM, Academy of Bio-Energetics, May 2004

Prevalence of Lyme borreliosis
The Lancet, Vol. 363, No. 9412, March 2004

The Best Alternative Treatment For Lyme Disease
What Doctors Don’t Tell You, Vol. 14, No. 11, February 2004

New book says Plum Island may be responsible for disease outbreaks,
terrorist target
, Associated Press, February 2004

A biological time bomb? Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory, NBC News, February 2004

New Concepts in Lyme Disease: Natural Therapies May Change Course of Treatment, Focus Newsletter, January 2004

The New Undiagnosed Epidemic
by Brian LeCompte, MD, December 2003

What Chronic Disease Have You Been Labeled With?
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, November 2003

Breakthroughs in Lyme Disease: Lyme disease possibly contagious and linked to over 320 conditions, Focus Newsletter, October 2003

Lyme disease – Misdiagnosis and medical dictatorship
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, October 2003

Pilot Study Reveals New Weapon Against Lyme Borreliosis: A Disease Linked to Over 300 Medical Conditions, NutraNews, October 2003
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Relapse / Persistence of Lyme Disease Despite Antibiotic Therapy
Compilation of Published Articles & Studies, September 2003

Lyme-Associated Parkinsonism: A Neuropathologic Case Study
and Review of the Literature,
Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine- Vol 127, September 2003

Amy Tan, Ticked Off About Lyme: The Novelist, Under Treatment for Late-Stage
Lyme Disease,
Washington Post, August 2003

How Lyme Disease is Misdiagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD, July 2003

Hidden Plague. Forget about SARS. Lyme disease is spreading steadily, and some experts say it can elude the standard cure, People Magazine, June 2003

The Disabling Of A Nation, by Marjorie Tietjen, Director for Lyme Disease Concerns, Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, June 2003

Relapsing Fever–Like Spirochetes Infecting European Vector Tick of Lyme Disease Agent, Emerging Infectious Diseases, June 2003
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'Lyme disease’: ancient engine of an unrecognized borreliosis pandemic?
Medical Hypotheses, May 2003
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Prevalence Of Anaplasma Phagocytophila And Borrelia Burgdorferi
In Ixodes Persulcatus Ticks From Northeastern China

American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, May 2003
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Activation of latent Lyme borreliosis concurrent with a herpes simplex
virus type 1 infection.

Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Disease, December 2002

Detection Of Borrelia Burgdorferi Sensu Lato In Mosquitoes (Culicidae) In Recreational Areas Of The City Of Szczecin,
Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine, September 2002
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Living Next Door To Plum Island; Lyme Disease - Denial of Treatment and Doctor Persecution, Journal of Degenerative Diseases, August 2002

Lyme disease Talking Points
Today Show, June 2002

Common Mycoplasmas- Now Weaponized, Pathogenic & Deadly
Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, December 2001

Lyme Disease:  Studies on the Cystic Forms of Borrelia burgdorferi
 Compilation, June 2001
-PDF Version (180 KB download)

Recovery of Lyme Spirochetes by PCR in semen samples of previously
diagnosed Lyme disease patients
, Presented by Dr. Gregory Bach, at the International Scientific Conference on Lyme Disease, April 2001.

Lyme Disease Is Sexually Transmitted – Reactivated by Aspartame
James Bowen, MD, December 2000

Lyme arthritis in a 12-year-old patient after a latency period of 5 years.
Infection, September 1999

Longitudinal study of Lyme borreliosis in a high risk population in Switzerland., Parasite, December 1998

Chronic Fatigue Often Misdiagnosed Lyme
Lymefiter, November 1998

Seroprevalence of anti-Borrelia antibodies among patients with confirmed sarcoidosis in a region of Japan where Lyme borreliosis is endemic
Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, March 1998
-PDF Version (130 KB)

Lyme disease presenting as Tourette's syndrome
The Lancet, Vol. 351, No. 9100, February 1998

Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA by polymerase chain reaction in the urine
and breast milk of patients with Lyme borreliosis.

Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease, March 1995

Fetal Outcome in Murine Lyme Disease:
Infection and Immunity,
January 1995
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Prevalence of Antibodies against Borrelia Species in Patients with Unclassified Uveitis in Regions in Which Lyme Disease Is Endemic and Nonendemic
Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology, January 1995
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Borrelia burgdorferi: another cause of foodborne illness?
International Journal of Food Microbiology, December 1991

Borrelia burgdorferi: survival in experimentally infected human
blood processed for transfusion.

Journal of Infectious Diseases, August 1990

Gestational Lyme borreliosis. Implications for the fetus.
Rheumatic diseases clinics of North America, November 1989

Lyme disease--another transfusion risk?
Transfusion, September 1989